How to cook a continental breakfast at home

Remember how pleasant it is to wake up at the hotel and slowly go down for breakfast? Today we will tell you how to cook that delicious continental breakfast, but at home in your own kitchen.

The correct continental breakfast is hearty, varied and, of course, delicious. How to achieve this? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Choose foods that don’t need to be cooked extra.
  2. Use local products.
  3. Complete the breakfast with seasonal fruits.

  4. Don't forget the hot coffee.
  5. Variety of breakfast with several types of meat and cheese.
  6. Ready granola will save a lot of time.

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How to cook a continental breakfast at homeHow to cook a continental breakfast at home

Complex breakfast of fruits, bread, dairy products, eggs, cheese and cuts of meat, which is usually served in hotels.

How to cook a continental breakfast at home


20 minutes


4 servings

Cooking process

  1. Serve sliced ​​bread, prosciutto, ham and cheese on a large tray.

  2. Put the butter in a bowl. Pour juice into a beautiful decanter, and coffee into a coffee pot.
  3. Put eggs, fruits, and granola in bowls. Put yogurt next to it.
  4. All breakfast ingredients are best placed next to each other.

  5. Done! Each member of the family will be able to choose what they like today and collect their own varied breakfast.


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