How to choose the right winter blanket for a healthy and sound sleep

Ahead of snow and frost - it's time to think about buying a warm blanket. The Challenger, together with Togas experts, found out how to choose a blanket under which you can sleep with pleasure at least all winter.

How to choose the right winter blanket for a healthy and sound sleep

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Winter blankets differ in several ways:

  • size ,
  • price ,
  • filler (the price depends on it in many respects).

Usually on the packaging you can find a marking that indicates the degree of heat of the product you have chosen: from one point (light blanket) to five (very warm blanket )

If there is no marking on the package, it will be necessary to understand the density of the filler:

  • 200-220 g / m 2 - summer blankets,
  • 220-280 g / m 2 - light,
  • 280-300 g / m 2 - all-weather,
  • 300-350 g / m 2 - warm,
  • 360-420 g / m 2 - very warm e.

How to choose the right winter blanket for a healthy and sound sleep

Photo: togas. com

According to the composition of the filler winter blankets are:

  1. Cotton (wadded) . It was under such blankets that our grandparents slept in the cold season, this is the warmest filler possible. But recently, the popularity of cotton wool has fallen dramatically. There are several reasons for this: such a blanket is very heavy and poorly provides air exchange, so it is often hot and uncomfortable to sleep under it.

    In addition, such a product is difficult to care for: it is impossible to wash a cotton blanket, but it is very problematic to clean it. Vata can roll up and absorb unpleasant odors, so you will have to change the blanket at least once every five years, or even more often. Among the advantages of a cotton blanket, low cost and anti-allergenicity can be noted, because inside is natural cotton.

  2. Downy . These blankets are stuffed with duck, goose and eider down, and a feather is added for the volume, the content of which should ideally not exceed 10%.

    In Togas boutique you can buy goose down comforters of various kinds, for example, Siberian or Austrian. The ability of the product to warm will depend on its volume, but even under a thin duvet in a warm room it will be hot. But it perfectly "breathes" and is very lightweight, and it can also last up to 30 years! The disadvantages include the fact that the fluff in some people callет allergy. But with a special treatment of fluff, this drawback is minimized.

  3. Sheep blankets, camel or to of Ashemira th wool .

    So, cashmere о mountain goat wool items are warm, soft and hypoallergenic . Even children can be covered with them. М inus - impossibility of washings at home. This blanket will last 10-15 years, and with careful care even longer.

These three types of filler are the warmest of the natural.

Sleeping under them in winter is a pleasure, but in the summer it can be hot.

How to choose the right winter blanket for a healthy and sound sleep

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Technology does not stand still, in recent years warm blankets from art with of down fluff, siliconized fiber or micro fire. Their average life is five years. Modern blankets also fill with


, which will not allow you to freeze even on a very cold night.

This blanket consists of two separate quilted cloths connected along the perimeter. The design creates an additional air gap, and also fixes the filler, protecting the blanket from deformation. In addition, such products are easy to wash.

How to choose the right winter blanket for a healthy and sound sleep

Photo: togas. com

When choosing a blanket on in winter, the conditions in the apartment and your own needs should also be taken into account.

It is important:

  1. The temperature in the room. What temperature do you usually maintain in the bedroom? Does your house have central heating? Do you open a window? If your room temperature is usually above 20 ° C , you don’t need a winter blanket: it will be very hot to sleep under it. In this case, a woolen one, for example, camel , is suitable - it can serve you all year round. In addition to air temperature, you need to take into account your individual need for heat: the higher it is, the more dense the blanket you will need.
  2. Case material.

    No matter which filler you choose, the blanket cover must be sewn from natural fabric: cotton, batista, jacquard. But it is better to leave silk and satin until warmer days.

  3. Size . If you want to be guaranteed to be warm, buy a double blanket, even if you sleep alone. If it is more important for you that the blanket is light, then it is better to stop at one and a half.

    By the way, partners may well have different preferences when choosing blankets. In this case, it is better to buy two and a half: with different filler, but from the same manufacturer.



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