How to choose delicious shrimp and how to cook them

1. For the shrimp to cook evenly , they must first be thawed at room temperature , laying it out of the factory packaging into a container and covering it with film. A stream of cold water will help speed up the process.

2. Cooking shrimp taken in the shell , but you need to make an incision on the back.

Thanks to this, the finished shrimp can be easily cleaned with food.

Be careful : on the tail of the shrimp there is a sharp spike , which is better immediately cut , so as not to get injured during cooking or eating .

3. Bring the water in a large saucepan to a boil, add salt and spices. Suitable allspice and black pepper with peas , lemon slice , sprig of dill , bay leaf .

4. Pour the shrimp in boiling water and cook until tender: small - no more than two to three minutes, large - from three to seven minutes. It is very important not to cook seafood for too long - shrimp can become stiff, "rubber". You can determine the readiness of seafood by eye: a properly cooked shrimp acquires an even pink color of the shell, below it, in the section, pearl-white meat.



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