How to choose a good doctor

Here are two options - rely on the advice of friends and reviews on the Internet or find out everything about a doctor’s qualifications (academic degrees, awards) and the reputation of the clinic. Both options do not guarantee that a doctor will suit you.

In the first case, you really can get to an excellent doctor who has been treating your friends' family for many years. But sometimes people can embellish or underestimate the professionalism of a doctor. When a doctor forbids iodine nets and does not prescribe antibiotics for colds, this is normal, but someone may not like it.

And the hypochondriac can praise a doctor who unreasonably sent him to take tests "for everything", and for his care.

In the second case, the same principle applies. You can go to a professor who takes in a clinic with a marble hall and receive recommendations from him that will save your life. And you can get the right appointments from a doctor in a plain-looking cabinet of a state hospital. Regalia, the reputation of the clinic and the cost of admission may reflect the class of a specialist, but may not reflect absolutely nothing.

So do not limit yourself to these criteria, be careful when taking and during treatment.



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