How to choose a fitness trainer

Education and experience are important. But the problem is that in the institutes of physical culture they talk about the basics of professional activity only formally. A person cannot work with this knowledge alone. It’s good if the trainer also completed specialized courses. At such courses they provide knowledge that can then be applied in practice.

But no professional trainer should finish his education on this: he will constantly develop, study theory. To determine if the trainer is standing still, ask him what besides training he does, what he studies and reads.

It is good when the trainer has more than three years of conscious work experience. Moreover, he should not just be a gym instructor, but a trainer. The gym instructor only knows how to work with equipment and the minimum set of exercises.

The trainer can prescribe a personal training program depending on your needs or problems that need to be solved.

Specify how long the coach has been working in this room and how many years in the profession as a whole. If the trainer changes jobs every six months, you probably have a person in front of you who either couldn’t prove his professionalism to his superiors or didn’t agree with people at past places of work. Why do you need such a coach?



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