How to choose a face mask: detailed instructions

What face masks are there, who needs them, how often do they need to be used, what effect should they expect from them, and how soon? Says Olga Tretyakova, a beauty expert and blogger, a true fan of masks of all kinds and types.

Masks are an effective and quick way to take care of your face skin. We tell you how to choose a mask and what to do to make it work.

There are two face masks types: disposable and reusable . The first are hermetically sealed face wipes (made of fabric or polymer - hydrogel) soaked in a solution of nutrients.

After use, such a mask is discarded. Reusable products are packed in tubes or jars. The consistency can be cream or gel. The mask is applied to the face for 10-20 minutes, and the residue is rubbed or washed off, depending on what is indicated in the instructions.

A mask is just one of the stages of a facial treatment.

Depending on the composition, this can be cleansing , toning or moisturizing .

How to choose a face mask: detailed instructions

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Frequency Use depends on the type of mask. Typically, the packaging indicates how many times a week this is recommended. Typically, one to three.

But, for example, the Koreans, who several years ago introduced the fashion for

ten-step care

, use masks


, and sometimes even

twice a day

. Is it harmful? The American spa cosmetologist Mzia Shiman


, which is not the case when it comes to moisturizing masks: the skin is simply impossible to moisturize.

But if the mask contains ingredients that can cause irritation (for example, acids or retinoids), it is important to strictly follow the instructions and not to use the product too often.

Usually in the composition of the masks has more useful components than in creams and serums, so the effect of them is faster and more noticeable.

There are masks, the effect of which accumulates during course application.

But usually after the first use it becomes clear whether the mask works or not.

How to choose a face mask: detailed instructions

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Their task is to exfoliate the upper layer of the epidermis, remove black spots, even out skin tone. Often there is clay in the composition (absorbs skin fat) and abrasive substances - chemical (acids) and physical (exfoliating particles), as well as charcoal (absorbs dirt and excess fat), zinc (dries), tea tree extract (provides an antibacterial effect) , glycolic and salicylic acids (dead cells are exfoliated and pathogenic microorganisms are killed).

A separate sub-item is oxygen or bubble (bubble) masks .

When applied to the skin, they turn into foam, which cleanses, refreshes and tones. Another type of cleansing masks - film masks. They freeze on the face, after which they can be removed in one motion, imagining that it is snake skin. As a part of such funds, most often there are alcohol substances - ethanol, due to which masks harden. The downside of these masks is that they can dry the skin.

So if it’s dry and sensitive, try other cleansing methods.

How to choose a face mask: detailed instructions

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They perfectly cope with the main task - moisturizing, and also refresh the skin and improve complexion. These include most masks - cream, fabric and hydrogel. The main component is hyaluronic acid, it restores the skin's moisture balance (retains moisture).

Often in the composition there is thermal water (saturates with vitamins and minerals), vitamin B5, polysaccharides (retain moisture in the skin) and algae extracts (in they slow down intracellular metabolism, stimulate collagen production) .

These masks help get rid of irritation on the skin, reduce the feeling of tightness, restore and protect against negative environmental factors - from ultraviolet radiation, air pollution and

"blue light"

- radiation from smartphones, laptops and televisions. The composition of such masks is often added aloe (heals, relieves inflammation), shea butter (nourishes, creates a protective film on the skin), panthenol (soothes), cocoa extract (neutralizes free radicals).

Relieve swelling, cool, give a feeling of freshness and improve complexion. It contains menthol (cools), horse chestnut extract (relieves swelling), cucumber (refreshes), caffeine (removes excess fluid).

They help get rid of wrinkles by smoothing the skin like Botox, or, like fillers, pushing out from the inside and filling the space in the skin layers. The first help with overly active facial expressions, which leads to the formation of folds. The latter stimulate cell regeneration processes.

Reduce age spots and redness and even out skin tone. Vitamin C, clay (lighten), extracts of cucumber and parsley (even out tone), niacinamide (bleach), retinoids (derivatives of vitamin A, reduce spots, including after acne) are responsible for this.

Lifting involves restoring the shape of the face, which time becomes less clear. At the same time, age-related ptosis ( sagging and sagging of the skin of the face) is a problem not only of the skin, but also of the muscles, fat layer and ligaments that are deeper. And masks act only at the level of the epidermis.

So the effect of lifting from masks is toning, moisturizing, and increasing skin elasticity. And no more.

How to choose a face mask: detailed instructions

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  1. Decide what effect you want to achieve from the mask: cleansing, moisturizing, toning, whitening or smoothing. Choose your product accordingly.
  2. Read the instructions. Some masks can often not be used, while others, on the contrary, are needed.

  3. Wash thoroughly before applying mask . You can use a scrub (but not more than twice a week).
  4. If you feel uncomfortable, immediately remove the mask and rinse off the residues . Unless specifically indicated in the instructions that the mask can cause discomfort, it does not suit you.

Masks - simple and fast way to achieve the desired effect: cleansing, moisturizing, toning .

.. Masks contain more useful components than creams and serums, and act faster and more efficiently. In addition, masks - especially bubble or gold - will give you a good mood.



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