How to choose a delicious persimmon

The persimmon season is open. What sort of this fruit you just will not meet on the shelves! To make your choice easier, remember how to find the ripe and most delicious fruit.

We love persimmon for its useful properties, and there are many of them! Persimmon is rich in beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iodine. This fruit prevents iodine deficiency, which can occur in any city dweller, because it is iodine that contributes to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Persimmon is recommended for iron deficiency in the body and during physical exertion - it is full of healthy sugars and dietary fiber.

Persimmons have low acidity, so it can be used by people with diseases of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. And this “winter” fruit has a low glycemic index, therefore it does not cause spikes in blood sugar, and contains only 67 calories.

Here are some tips to help you choose a sweet and ripe persimmons.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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You can always find the freshest persimmon on the market, and the prices there are much lower than in ordinary stores.

There is always a large selection of varieties and fruits of various quality and taste on the market. And if you usually buy many products at once, you can ask for a discount from the seller.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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When buying in the market, you can always choose persimmon yourself. Do not trust the seller to choose - so you may come across unripe, crumpled or cracked fruits.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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Persimmons with broken skin are usually spoiled. In addition, bacteria can enter the fruit through the broken membrane.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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Usually ripe persimmons have a sunny shade - from bright orange to red-brown.

Ripe and sweet persimmons should be completely uniform in color. If the fruit is light or green closer to the stem, you should not take it. Dark brown fruits can be taken only if their skin is not burst - such a persimmon, as we have already noted, is most often spoiled.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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Depending on the variety, ripe persimmon has a degree of softness.

A small Israeli persimmon "Sharon" (has a slightly square shape) in a ripe form is solid and at the same time very sweet. But usually she appears on our shelves in the middle of winter. Now in the markets there is most of all a “king” (light orange opaque fruits), persimmons are “bull heart” (the largest) and fig (flat, sometimes in the shape of a flower). They are brought to us from the nearest southern regions: Krasnodar Territory, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan. Such types of persimmons should be very soft and almost transparent, then they will not knit and will taste like tender marmalade.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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This life hack will not help you choose the best persimmon, but will help you bring it home in good condition. In order to take it whole and not turn it into a solid mashed potatoes, get a small cardboard box (or several boxes) with low sides. So I do not remember the persimmon and you can immediately buy 2-3 kilograms of this delicious fruit.

How to choose a delicious persimmon

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Due to transportation on major highways, exhaust gases and other dirty compounds settle on the surface of persimmons. Therefore, even if you cannot wait, we advise you first to peel persimmon from the skin and only then enjoy this fruit.



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