How to change work in adulthood and not be afraid of it: 5 tips

It is better to approach the search for a new profession as consciously and technologically as possible. The zone of your strategic success is at the intersection of three circles: you do what you like , then you get and then , for which you are ready to pay money . As a rule, most people are engaged in what is at best at the intersection of two circles. You can calculate the directions in which you can be successful mathematically: write out a hundred things that you like, a hundred things that turn out, and a hundred for which people are willing to pay you money, and then simply add up these three lists. You can coincide ten directions, maybe only three, but quite precisely - there will be intersections.

And further on each of the coinciding directions, a lot of work needs to be done. The next step is to choose the role that suits you best: hired work, own business or freelance, and what competencies do you have. When choosing a new profession, it is important to get to know yourself and your capabilities again, because the level of competence can change in a person throughout life.

If you have chosen a direction for yourself that you like and you can be effective in it, collect a maximum of information from the lives of people who have already achieved something in this area.

I have changed many professions and I can say that I completely lived four completely different lives.

Each time I followed my heart, I went to where I wanted to be at that moment, but I did it very technologically. When I felt sick, stuffy, and demotivated, lack of desire and energy, I remembered where and with whom I felt good, wrote down the names of these people and met with them. Sometimes they were people from a very distant past, but their help, their advice was very useful to me. That's right - from simple communication with people - many new projects have appeared in my life. The most important and useful investment, in my opinion, is in people and in maintaining good relations with them.

You can’t sit and wait for someone to invite you somewhere, most likely this is how you will spend your whole life.



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