How to care for your skin if you exercise outdoors

Running, hiking, biking, tennis ... It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you choose, you need to work at any workout without being distracted by anything . Including the thought that the shirt is rubbing his shoulder, and his nose seems to be about to burn.

We tell you how to prepare your skin for a powerful street workout.

Clean your skin. The main thing here is to wash off the makeup. During high loads, not only perspiration increases, but also the excretion of sebum. If all this is mixed with cosmetics, then clogged pores are guaranteed.

In this case, the purification should not be too deep: wash with gel without SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate - Sodium Lauryl S22fate) or hydrophilic oil. If you do not have access to water, then at least just wipe the skin with facial cleansing wipes or micellar water.

Apply sunscreen to all exposed areas. In the summer without sunscreen on the face, it is better not to leave the house at all, especially for a long training session. But if you ever tried to run with Sanskrin on your face, then you know that sooner or later the cream will begin to drain into the eyes and nothing remains of protection.

This problem can be solved if several rules are observed:

  • choose a cream with physical filters (it should contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide);
  • during training, a denser and more stable Sanskrin can be applied to the forehead;
  • use a special sunscreen for athletes.

Apply abrasion ointment. Abrasions - this is perhaps the most common problem for those who engage in cyclic sports in the summer. To prevent this from happening to you, wear training clothes that sit tight, but do not cut into the body and remove moisture. And vulnerable areas on the body, such as nipples and the area between the legs, can be lubricated with petroleum jelly.



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