How to care for skin up to 40 years

The skin around the eyes is different from the rest of the face. It is very thin, sensitive, under it there is almost no subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands, so it ages faster. Care for the skin around the eyes should be special, and the attitude - as careful as possible. Eye creams should be applied only to the fixed upper eyelid and lower, retreating half a centimeter from the ciliary edge and the outer corner of the eye. Otherwise, irritation or swelling may occur.

To avoid swelling, it is generally better to apply the cream along the lower orbital bone, moving from the outer edge of the eyelid to the nose. The touches should be barely noticeable, and the movements point. This will prevent stretching of the skin and the appearance of additional wrinkles.

In winter, the cream for the area around the eyes should contain vegetable oils, panthenol and allantoin. The texture is preferably cream rather than gel.

Then it will protect against frost and wind, and soothe injured skin. The cream must be applied 20 minutes before the frost, so that it has time to absorb and not injure the skin even more. In the warm season, it is better to use light products with a gel texture that do not create a film and do not clog pores. The gel is 80% water and does not contain oils or fats. Gels moisturize well, give a lifting effect and cool.

It is necessary to start caring for the eyelid region at the same age as for the face. Up to 25 years, the use of light moisturizing gels or creams is enough. Means with a more active effect can be used from 25-30 years.

20-25 years. Most likely, at this age you do not have wrinkles yet, and if there are, then they are caused either by rich facial expressions (facial wrinkles) or by exposure to the sun.

Gels around the eyes with an extract of green tea, peppermint, chamomile, aloe, nettle, calendula or essential oils of rosemary, lemon, geranium and juniper are ideal. Such gels are well absorbed and at the same time soothe and tone.

25-30 years old. After 25 years, collagen production slows down, the skin begins to lose moisture, so be sure to moisturize it. The best option at this age is a cream gel around the eyes: it is both light and moisturizes the skin well.

Important components of your eyelid skincare product should be vitamins A, E, C, carrot oil, flower extracts. Even with wrinkles, do not use a firming cream for wrinkles or anti-age - despite the fact that there is little collagen, it is still there, so do not accustom your skin to laziness!

30-40 years old . After 30 years, all processes in the body slow down, in particular metabolism. The skin becomes thinner, moisture deficiency is increasing. No matter how hard we try, wrinkles appear.

At this age, you will have to moisturize the skin around the eyes more intensely. You need creams containing vitamins A, E, C, hyaluronic acid and collagen. A fruit-based eye cream or grape seed oil and avocado oil is a good option. Creams from the anti-age series are best used after 35 years.



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