How to build biceps - a selection of the right exercises for weight

Guys go to swing for powerful hands, a broad back and abs cubes. After all, a pumped up man is much more interesting for ladies than a typical modern male representative with an "office" figure. Today we’ll talk about how to swing biceps.

How to build biceps - a selection of the right exercises for weight

What newcomers face

The main question for newcomers is how quickly pump up your biceps? But only troubles quickly happen! Any progress takes time. You can add a pharmacological preparation to the muscle, for a while you will get ideal forms.

But in the end, under the skin there will simply be an elastic mass, not muscle. And with the slightest violation of sterility during the injection, instead of biceps there will be an extensive abscess, and everything will end with surgical intervention.

Muscles cannot grow rapidly, except in cases of powerful artificial stimulation. It is given by the very drugs on which you will need to sit constantly, killing your body.

Therefore, being in search of information about biceps, how to quickly pump up these muscles, etc.

, do not pay attention to supposedly magical means. It is much more reasonable to cool your ardor a bit and put up with a gradual, but qualitative increase in mass. After all, we want to not only increase it in volume, but also to make it stronger, right?

So, there is only one way to achieve our goal - to swing on our own, using the maximum potential of our body.

The information below will help make your biceps grow as fast as possible in vivo. The advantages are obvious: the muscles retain their volume and shape longer after cessation of exercise, there is no harm to the body.

The second problem that newcomers face is the reassessment of their own capabilities at the initial stage. The guys are in a hurry, trying to take big weights for biceps. The technique is lost, the quality of exercises tends to zero. Progress stops.

The third problem is the lack of technology.

Ideally, it would be nice if the trainer showed how to do the exercise correctly and followed you. To do this, you need to take a personal training from him. But not everyone has this opportunity, and most people start training on their own.

Another problem we will end with the listing is the desire to have super huge biceps - like the top bodybuilders. We repeat that such an extra result can be achieved only through unnatural ways and daily many hours of training.

Are you ready to live in the gym and stuff your body with drugs? Let's be a little more modest, you are the Hulk.

To solve all these problems, you need to be patient and learn the technique of exercises, the laws of work in the gym. Let's go!

Biceps training

You can train your biceps several times a week. The number of workouts is determined by the individual characteristics of your body.To understand these characteristics, the trainer needs to work with you for a month, decide on the best exercises, and optimally adjust the training program.

This job is not easy, so choose an experienced and competent trainer.

The greatest effect is achieved in most people if you train your biceps twice a week.

The biceps muscle itself does not occupy the largest part of the arm. A significant part of the volume falls on triceps (more than half). The development of the biceps muscle betrays the same courageous relief on the shoulder.

Therefore, the question of how to pump big biceps can be evasively answered - this is not the largest muscle. If you want not only embossed, but also voluminous hands - download triceps too. And this does not mean that pumping biceps is an unnecessary and useless thing. When your hand becomes even 2 cm wider, from the outside it will look very impressive, see for yourself.

It is necessary to pump the biceps muscle with different exercises, diligently and patiently.

When pumping any muscle, it is important to focus on the sensations in it. This is especially true for beginners who still do not know how to do the exercises correctly. Indeed, in order to better and more efficiently work out the body, you need to follow the movements, do everything consciously. Then after training you will have exactly those muscles and their parts that you planned to train to hurt.

Let's go directly to the exercises.

A set of exercises for the flexors of the arms

How to pump biceps?


The most important exercises for biceps on the mass - bending the arms with the barbell standing and on Scott's bench. The first is designed to increase the biceps muscle in thickness, and the second - to give a sharper roundness with tension on the arm.

We’ll immediately warn the question, and if there is no barbell, how to build biceps without it? Do not despair, this can be done, for example, with dumbbells or on the horizontal bar.

It is important to know not just how to pump the biceps in width and height, but how to build the training process correctly. In the first case, you can just spend time without getting even half of the desired result.

Bending the arms with a barbell

  1. Stand straight, it is better to press your back against the support of the power frame, but not against the wall. Your elbows need to go back a little. The wall in this case is the last thing you can snuggle into.
  2. The pelvis, the back of the head and the heels touch the support, the barbell lies in front of you.
  3. Take the bar, press your elbows against the body, if necessary, press them to the press, with your hands elbows in front of you.

  4. It is better to hold the bar with a back grip at shoulder width. We bend our arms to the chest or neck, lower them back.
    On lifting the bar you need to exhale, while lowering - inhale.
  5. To build mass, you need to do 4 sets of 6 times with the maximum weight for this number of repetitions.

Climbing Scott's Bench

Exercises on Scott's Bench are done while sitting.

It is necessary to place the elbows on the supports.Take weight and do the exercise without completely straightening your arms at the bottom. It is also necessary to bend to such a position, the forearms slightly did not reach the vertical.

By the way, a curved neck will be more convenient for your hands than a straight one and will allow you to pump your biceps with the highest quality.

The emphasis in this exercise is on the extension of the arms, try to lower the weight slowly, feeling how your muscles work.

Actually now we know how to increase biceps. It's time to give it shape.

Exercises with dumbbells

Exercise hammer, bending arms with dumbbells on an inclined bench, sitting or standing, concentrated lifts help to create a biceps relief. The hammer helps to make biceps more prominent from the outside, as well as to load the muscles of the forearm. Bending the arms with dumbbells will help pump up the biceps from the inside.

A concentrated lifts comprehensively work out the muscle.


Hammer technique:

  1. Sit on a bench, take dumbbells in your hands.
  2. Turn your arms around as if you were holding hammers instead of dumbbells (dumbbell bars are perpendicular to the floor).
  3. The elbows are pressed to the body, their position is fixed.
  4. Bend your elbows, lifting the weight to shoulder level, hold the weight in this position for 1-1.

    5 seconds, lower it back.

  5. If you don’t fully extend your arms, your biceps will pump better.

You need to do 3-4 sets of 10 times. How to make biceps load optimal? First bend your arms with a barbell, and then move onto the hammer.

Concentrated Lifts

The concentrated rise in biceps allows you to give the biceps maximum bulge.

This effect is achieved due to the maximum contraction and stretching of the muscle.
There are 2 options for doing the exercise: sitting with an elbow on the inside of the thigh, and as Arnie advised.

Lifts with the elbow in the thigh are done as follows:

  1. Sit on a bench, legs apart.
  2. Take a dumbbell in your hand, lean forward and slightly rotate the body towards your hand with a dumbbell. Rest your elbow on your hip.

  3. The elbow should be on the inside of the thigh. Lower the dumbbell to the floor with your arm almost straight.
  4. Bend your hand while holding the dumbbell at the top for 1-2 seconds. Slowly lower the weight.
  5. The bending of the arm in this exercise is accompanied by cranking (supination).

    You can do without it. Some trainers believe that such a twist is bad for tendons. But it is supination that allows you to work out the biceps as efficiently as possible. Therefore, be careful and watch your feelings.

This exercise is performed in 3 sets of 12 reps.

It is done after the first two indicated above.

The concentrated rise in biceps from Arnold is done while standing in a bent position:

  1. You lean forward so that your hand with a dumbbell hangs freely perpendicular to the floor.Flexion of the arm with weight occurs in this position. With the second hand you can rest against the thigh for stability.
  2. The peculiarity of the exercise is that the elbow of the working hand has no fulcrum.

    Due to this, the muscle can change its length as much as possible, tensing and relaxing at the same time. However, standing in a bent position is not as comfortable as we would like.

Bending the arms with dumbbells

As we already said, bending the arms with dumbbells can be done while standing, sitting, and reclining on an inclined bench. We will not describe the technique of lifting dumbbells for biceps while standing and sitting here, it is given in the corresponding article.

Of particular interest is the last version of the exercise:

  1. You need to set the bench angle of 45 degrees.

  2. Grab the dumbbells, lower them on either side of the bench. In a free state, the elbows are lowered down and go, as it were, back behind the back. It is this position that is the best for maximum muscle contraction.
  3. For the best effect, the exercise is done with each hand in turn. First, one dumbbell rises, then it drops, but not to its original position - almost reaching it (the elbow joint does not fully extend).

    This position is necessary to create a constant tension in the muscle, due to which the endurance of your biceps will increase. Then the second rises.

  4. Bend your arm with a dumbbell as much as you can.

You should not begin to raise the second hand until the first is down to the desired position.

Simultaneous raising causes an incorrect distribution of voltage, but, however, saves time well.

For optimal effect, this exercise should be done 3-4 approaches 8-10 times instead of a hammer.

So, let's summarize: how to build muscle flexors of the arms and how to increase biceps.

  1. We do the bending of the arms with a barbell.
  2. We perform the exercise hammer or bending the arms with dumbbells.
  3. We complete the biceps training with a concentrated lift.

Thus, for the biceps three exercises in one training session are enough.

If you want to do more often than once a week, you can select the second day for biceps. On this day, you can work with dumbbells, doing the last two exercises. It is better to work with a barbell for strength and power once a week. On the second day, you can make a hammer, and on the day of the main training, use bending of the arms on an inclined bench.

Dumbbells can be replaced with the lower blocks. Sometimes it’s more convenient to do this. How to increase biceps while working out on a cable simulator: do bending of the arms while standing or sitting in front of the simulator, holding the handle of the lower block with a grip from the bottom.

How to build biceps - a selection of the right exercises for weight

When pumping up wide biceps, do not spend all your training time on it. It is not worthwhile to devote much time to biceps, since this muscle is not the largest on the arm.

The relief flexor of the arm with a weak triceps will look ridiculous, so swing all the muscles, giving preference to the largest.

A lot of publications have been written on how to properly pump up biceps and other muscles, but the whole experience ultimately comes down to simple and understandable conclusions. It is necessary to create a load of good muscles, give them a rest after it and do not forget about good nutrition.

And do not forget to warm up before working with iron - do blank approaches, start with small weights.



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