How to become happy: 11 easy ways

Happiness does not require huge efforts or hundreds of books you have read. "Challenger" has collected 11 life hacks that will make you enjoy life right here and right now.

Italian scientists conducted an interesting experiment. At the first stage, they found out that in the group of subjects, about 48% of their time, people feel happy. At the second stage of the study, participants were asked to analyze negative events in a positive manner.

As a result, the feeling of satisfaction among respondents increased by 30%. Why not motivation to sometimes look at trouble through rose-colored glasses?

Do you want to be sure in yourself and more happy? Then write down the advice from the Journal of Behavior Thera34y and Ex47erimental Psychiatry. According to the research of this scientific journal, people who hold a posture and straighten their shoulders have a higher self-esteem than those who have a back with a “wheel”.

According to a study by the international journal JAMA Psychiatry, three workouts per week can prevent depressed. It turns out that people who spend most of their time in a sitting position are much more vulnerable to poor mood than those who lead an active lifestyle.

How to become happy: 11 easy ways

When you are nervous or upset, turn on your favorite song and ... dance. Scientists from Canadian McGill University believe that this simple method helps to develop dopamine - one of the hormones of joy.

Move you body. am98; rock on!

In Japan, 865 residents of the community were observed whose age was 65 years and more. It turned out that those who ate alone felt more depressed than those who ate in the company. In general, gatherings with friends, neighbors or colleagues have a good effect on mood.

The British Journal of Health Psychology, a scientific publication from England, proved during an experiment: the more fruits and vegetables a person eats, the higher the feeling of satisfaction.

Plant foods contain many natural antioxidants, vitamins and carotenoids, which are directly related to improving mood. Our tip: make one of these healthy green smoothies.

How to become happy: 11 easy ways

Archives of Sexual Behavior (edition of the International Academy of Sexual Research) interviewed 1,000 couples and found that they feel happy through caring for each other, kisses, hugs and sex. In our opinion, these are the most pleasant and effective ways to become happier.

To return a good mood, just a little dream about something nice and good.

How to become happy: 11 easy ways

It doesn’t matter how we exercise our spirituality through religion, meditation or charity. But the awareness of a higher power gives confidence, faith and a sense of harmony. Shanti om.

Harvard scientists warn: those who do not get enough sleep regularly have a part of the brain responsible for positive emotions, begins to work the other way around. When the researchers asked sleepy students to pronounce any words, 81% of respondents named phrases with negative coloring.

Remember this when you again promise to go to bed early.

When we smile, a feeling of happiness appears automatically. In addition, a smile charges positive emotions of everyone around (we offer to tell a pretty neighbor in the subway about this).

How to become happy: 11 easy ways



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