How to become an ideal mom. Spoiler: no way

Our content director Lena Borovaya launches a channel on youtube about conscious parenthood. These will be true stories from famous parents, stories about their victories and defeats, conversations with interesting people and specialists. The mission of the channel is to support, not tell, how to do it right.

I borrowed this phrase from my friend, food blogger Ira: "I was just an ideal mom exactly until I have not appeared children. " In my case, a son.

And when this happened, the world turned upside down. It’s hard even to start somewhere. Everything, absolutely everything, except that the child must be loved, was outside the scope of my ideas about parenthood. By the way, here is Ira (hello, thanks!).

I was very lucky with friends who managed to give birth to me - I was to whom to write a message at 3 o’clock in the morning, when I did not understand whether it is normal that the child often or rarely wakes up, for example.

But still, flipping through an Instagram feed with a baby hanging on his chest for the third hour, I saw perfect mothers juggling with five children and six shifts. At this time, it seemed to me that I was not just not perfect, I was awkward, absurd and could not cope with exactly.

There was still a second type of stories - sad, depressing. About how bad everything is. These stories were impressive, especially against the hormonal background of a nursing mother, but I wanted to think that not everything was so bad.

Of course, I wanted to cry often, but I certainly didn’t laugh less often. I lacked ironic and honest stories, after which you tell yourself - phew, everything is ok.

I have a lot of such stories! And about the pregnant brain, when logic and memory do not work and you are looking for a phone under the sofa, highlighting it, and about the advice read, there is decoy, and two-month mankomavisimost, and +10 kg after childbirth. In fact, everyone has such stories, no less funny. And it’s hard for everyone, even if around a hundred thousand nannies.

How to become an ideal mom. Spoiler: no way

Someone is trying to lose weight after childbirth, someone cannot establish relations with their own parents, someone has a crisis of the first year of life with a child leads to a divorce - all stories are different, all parents are different. By the way, the children are also different, so 97 percent of the advice of other mothers to my son was not applicable. Therefore, the advice on my channel will be exactly zero.

By the way, not only about parenthood I want to talk about. About the education of us adults, too, will be (wait for release with Rita Che).

How to become an ideal mom. Spoiler: no way

Stories - this was not enough for me, I want to share this with you.


, I will try to please you, make you laugh a little, and sometimes talk about serious things. Here we are Challengers, and there - moms and dads. Challenge too, but different. I’m waiting for you, glad you, my mother’s heart is always with you!



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