How to become a blood donor: the ultimate guide

Any healthy person over 18 years old and weighing more than 50 kilograms can become a donor. You can donate blood only if you are healthy and feeling good. This is important for two reasons: so the procedure will not have a negative impact on your health; the quality of the blood received will be high.

Д There are temporary and absolute contraindications for blood donation. Temporary includes tattooing, piercing, recent tonsillitis, flu or SARS, recent tooth extraction, menstruation, surgery, pregnancy and lactation, vaccinations and more.

To the absolute - diseases such as HIV, syphilis, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, blood diseases and others. Before the procedure, the future donor undergoes a free medical examination by a doctor and donates blood for a preliminary laboratory examination.

"Blood Service" has developed a scheme , by which you can test yourself for suitability for blood donation.

Panic fear at the sight of blood will turn donation into a test. If you are very afraid, but want to help others, try becoming a volunteer in another area where there is no direct contact with blood.

Each city has blood donation points. Usually they are in hospitals in transfusion departments.

In Moscow

you can donate blood in more than thirty medical institutions, including the Botkin, Morozov hospitals, Research Institute of Emergency Care. N.V.

Sklifosovsky and NMIC Neurosurgery them. Academician N. N. Burdenko.

Do not drink alcohol 48 hours before blood donation, and take medicines that contain aspirin and analgesics in 72 hours.

Do not smoke one hour before the procedure.

Your diet is important for donation: on the eve and on the day of blood donation you should not eat fatty, fried, spicy and smoked foods, meat, fish and dairy products, eggs, dates, avocados, beets, bananas, any butter, chocolate nuts. In this case, you do not need to donate blood on an empty stomach - you can become ill. You can eat dry dietary products: bread, crackers, drying, boiled cereals, pasta in water without oil, vegetables and fruits. It is allowed to drink sweet tea, juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, clean water.

You need to donate blood when you are not tired and full of energy. You should not go to the procedure after a sleepless night or severe stress the day before. Do not plan to donate blood before tense events: exams, competitions, donation of the project.

Doctors have found that the body responds best to blood loss in the morning. The sooner you donate blood, the better you will feel.

Most blood donation points are open from seven in the morning. After 12 noon, donations can only be made to regular donors.

There is no need to run to an important meeting or training after the procedure. Let the body recover. After blood donation calmly sit for 10-15 minutes.

Do not smoke for an hour. On the day of blood donation, do not lift weights, eat fully and drink plenty of fluids.

Blood is donated. In many places, donors are given souvenirs or sweets as thanks for donating blood. Some companies also give employees extra days off or other bonuses for agreeing to become donors.

Source: information resources of the Blood Services



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