How to actively spend the winter: meditative walks in the forest

The easiest reason to go out is a walk. It would seem that there is not enough good reason to put on thermal underwear, many layers of clothing and generally move. But the walk can be treated differently, especially in nature.

In the winter in the city you often think that this is the season of bustle in the subway and the dirt under your feet mixed with porridge of salt reagents. But Moscow is one of the greenest cities in the world.

In winter, all the greens turn white, but the essence is the same: there are many parks in Moscow, so you don’t have to go anywhere far to find yourself in a pine forest or a snow-covered birch grove. It is there that you see the real Russian winter: with snowdrifts, snow on twigs, clean air and a special winter light, which is visible even in the absence of sun. Remember that outside the city it feels colder because there are no sources of heat (and exhaust gases). Therefore, dress warmer than going to the cinema or to the store for tangerines.

So ​​that the walk ceases to seem to be an insufficient reason to leave the house, take it differently, not like this: "it's just a walk that I I’ll see a new one there.

" Take an example from the Japanese. In Japan, there is a meditative practice of forest walks called shinrun-yoku, which in Russian literally means "swimming in the forest." It's not about swimming in water. It’s swimming in the atmosphere of the forest. It sounds esoteric, but in fact there are no ritual dances, hugs with trees and mantras.

Nature, fresh air and silence relax and cheer up. A walk in the forest is an opportunity to spend a little time outside the city noise. Try to apply the same rules to such meditation that the Japanese follow, and this will help to cope with stress in everyday life. Especially if you practice such walks more or less regularly: once a week or at least once a month.

What exactly does the practice of "bathing in the woods" suggest? Nothing special, but this is a kind of mindfulness exercise.

The main and main thing: in the forest and in the park you need to be in the forest and in the park, and not on the phone or mentally in business. As in meditation, even if you are far from it, try to pay attention to what is happening around: tall pines, a feeling of cold air, creak of steps in the snow. And that’s actually all.

Of course, no matter how you name your walk. The less you expect from simple and enjoyable activities, the more pleasure they bring.

Especially if you do it without too much fuss. Our project # Utrossoboy talks about simple ways to enjoy a winter stay in the fresh air. You can save time by taking Quaker oatmeal snacks and a thermos with tea in the morning.

Three of our favorite parks in Moscow:

  • Serebryany Bor, Polezhaevskaya metro station or MCC " Khoroshevskaya. "
  • Meshchersky Park, Govorovo metro station.

  • Bitsevsky park and the estate "Uzkoye", metro station "Konkovo".


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