How to achieve an orgasm every time (advice from scientists)

Hundreds of studies have been devoted to identifying specific recommendations for improving sexual life.

One of them

showed that 36% of women achieve orgasm when stimulating the clitoris. Compare this to 18% of those who need vaginal sex for this. That sounds easy, right? In fact, this is not so. The study also found that certain methods of stimulating the clitoris are better than others - for example, up and down movements are better than circular ones.

It turned out that many women prefer delicate touches to strong pressure on the clitoris, and almost half of the women said that there is the same secret touch , which directly leads to orgasm. Feel free to ask.

Another study brings a little more clarity to the most burning question: what leads to orgasm? Using data from a heterogeneous group of 53,000 people, researchers were able to discover who is experiencing an orgasm and why. The study covered people of different sexual orientations, but did not take into account data on transgender people and people with gender identity problems.

Three significant factors were identified that most likely lead to orgasm.

More oral caresses. Women who receive more oral caress during sex are more likely to have an orgasm. But here the secret lies in the combination of oral sex with other techniques. The main thing is diversity.

More time.

Both men and women admit that they are more likely to get an orgasm if sex lasts more than 15 minutes. Rather, women need 30 minutes or an hour. A good foreplay takes time.

More happiness. Women who are happy in a relationship are more likely to get an orgasm.

And satisfaction from their own relationships is one of the most significant factors in the appearance of an orgasm in women. Although in this case it is unclear whether a happy relationship helps to achieve an orgasm or a good sexual life makes a relationship better.



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