How to accept and love yourself: 5 important tips from a psychologist

Especially with people from ideal Instagram profiles. 5% of the life of people gets into the social network from the force. It is unlikely that one will be able to find out how girls with beautiful figures, happy mothers with babies and famous bloggers actually live and what they think. The most reliable way to stop complaining about the unattainability of the ideal is to unsubscribe from all pages that upset you or cause you discomfort. If your relatives like to set other people as an example, politely explain that it’s not pleasant for you.

Look inside yourself - why do you consider yourself worse than others or strive to become like everyone else? Recognize that you are unique and there is no longer a person like you in the world. Written practices help well in this: morning pages, diary thanks .

How to accept and love yourself: 5 important tips from a psychologist

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And do not do what you do not want. It seems that everything is so simple, but in reality it turns out that no.

Modern life is such that we communicate with people we don’t like, do what we don’t want, and sometimes not of our own free will. The desire to please everyone and be good with everyone leads to emotional exhaustion and loss of oneself. Before you agree to the next meeting, accept the person’s offer, buy some thing, remember the question: is this really what I want? Or is it imposed by society, the fear of inadequacy, the fear of loneliness? Doing just what you want is an important step towards accepting yourself.

Take care of yourself. Even if it seems like an expensive treat for which there is no time.

Pay attention to the needs of your body. What does it want? Sleep, massage, beautician session, yoga class? Hear yourself and give it to your body. Take time to be quiet and learn to distinguish your own feelings, or practice meditation . Start getting rid of oppressive and unhealthy relationships with people. Stop contacting those who are unpleasant to you, or at least keep such communication to a minimum.

Remember internal comfort and do not allow to break the borders. Sometimes it’s enough to say: “I don’t like it, please don’t talk to me like that” or “I don’t like it, let's stop.” These simple phrases help others see your boundaries that cannot be crossed.

How to accept and love yourself: 5 important tips from a psychologist

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"Stop asking people about yourself if you want to increase self-esteem.

Evaluate yourself and learn to do without approval. If something doesn’t work out for you, don’t ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”, But ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” Advises the famous psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky.

Only those closest to whom you trust can give healthy comments and a constructive assessment. If you feel bad after commenting in your direction, this is an alarming sign.

From childhood we were taught that you can only love for something.

For a beautiful appearance, excellent marks or good behavior. But in fact, sincerely a person loves just like that. We fall in love with imperfect ones and become lovers ourselves, often thinking that we are completely unworthy of this.

Love yourself simply for what you are. Improve yourself, but remember that you owe nothing to anyone.

And if today you want to spend the whole day on the couch, this does not mean that you are a lazy and terrible person. Just do it and move on, respecting yourself and your needs.



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