How the editors of The Challenger failed to change their lives for the better

- Hello everyone, I am Ira, I am 28 years old, and I do not know how to cook. I spend most of my life in cozy coffee houses and no less cozy libraries - I sit there for days on end and edit all kinds of texts for our site. Nothing criminal, you say, but I don’t think so. Firstly, it seems important and valuable to me to be able to deftly and quickly cook. Have such a skill.

Here you go in the evening, you realize that you are hungry, you go to the store, buy groceries and at home make delicious delicious healthy dinner for about 15 minutes. In similar situations, I buy something ready. Secondly, and here you can argue with me, cooking helps a person better understand himself and his preferences, become more conscious and legible. Well, finally, there is a cafe every day (sometimes several times) - it’s quite expensive, in addition, restaurant food is usually more high-calorie than homemade.

In general, I decided to conduct an experiment and for three weeks there is only what I’ll cook myself.

I coped with the challenge more or less, but I was still unhappy.

It was easy to cook. At first, I was really annoyed with "salt to taste", but in the end, through three pots of bulgur, I mastered the necessary proportions. As a "cookbook" I used our site and the search option for recipes. You choose, for example, "with meat" - and you are shown all the recipes where there is the necessary ingredient.

Of course, I had favorites. This is chicken with cranberries and balsamic, baked perch with lemon and mushroom soup with zucchini. Well, the marble casserole was a hit. She's cool and simple, I recommend.

On this, the enthusiasm ends and the nuances begin.

For example, in a cafe where my friends and I traditionally have breakfast weekly, we were not very happy with my container - they did not allow me to heat it in the microwave and did not give a plate. I ate on the sly, feeling like a criminal who was about to be caught. By the way: absolutely all my friends supported me these three weeks and shared their favorite recipes (this is how I learned the ingenious way of cooking beaten zucchini, ingenious in its simplicity). Thank you!

I also began to spend more time at home - the number of daily kilometers traveled greatly decreased. I quietly hated my apartment.

The purchase of products turned into a daily attraction - you had to go to at least three supermarkets near the house to buy everything you need (because there is always something missing somewhere).

A new hobby began to compete strongly with the main activity - work. If earlier I could sit up over the texts before midnight and have a meal in the morning with what is in the refrigerator, now, turning off my sleepy laptop, I went to the kitchen to cook ricotta cheesecakes, mix casserole ingredients or pour porridge for breakfast.

Since I often started cooking when I already felt quite severe hunger (yes, planning for the “three”), I just pounced on the ready food and, alas, ate more than necessary. Plus I also ate the supplement.

In general, what this led to is unnecessary to speak, and so it is clear.

My resume: it’s difficult to change the way of life, changing it so radically and at once is pointless. What have I come to? Besides the fact that it is important for me to work outside the house, that I am more comfortable eating in a cafe than chewing cold quinoa from a container on a bench. I came to the conclusion that I need to plan my time more clearly and not to forget about household matters. Honestly, planning is necessary in order to do something for yourself.

I will hand over an urgent article without reminders, but I’ll "want to sign up" with a doctor for a million years.

I realized that the confusion with food is another sign of an internal crisis. The crisis, which is expressed in a lack of understanding of one’s own needs, in automatism, anxiety and disregard for oneself.

Once again I was convinced that in life there can be only one priority - you yourself. Work, friendship, family, money, and even more so food - everything is secondary.

Any system that you organize for a long time and stubbornly will sooner or later return to its original indicators. This process is irreversible. That is why you must first deal with yourself - with your dislike, with your attitudes and fears, and only then carry out reforms. Need to help yourself.



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