How surfer Angelica Timanina trains: “I feel more comfortable in water than on land”

Angelica Timanina, eleven-time world champion, Olympic synchronized swimming champion, went to another sport three years ago - surfing, achieved good results and won the Russian Cup there. This year, Angelica also became the ambassador of the Locals Only festival, which popularizes surfing and new Olympic sports. How does Angelica Timanina train? Read the material The Challenger.

I began to seriously engage in sports when I was 5 years old - I was a sports child, tried myself in ballet, gymnastics. And in Yekaterinburg, where I lived, the synchronized swimming section opened, and my parents asked me: "Do you want to learn how to dance on the water?" I said: "Of course I want to!" I liked this sport and spent 21 years in synchronized swimming.

For eight years I trained in the Olympic team. At this time, we lived outside the city, studied for 10-12 hours a day, we had one day off a week. All day we were in the pool, in the gym. Sometimes the training ended closer to midnight, and you had to get up at 6 in the morning. We had a tough regime - to achieve a good result, you need to train a lot.

Angelica Timanina

I had to end my synchronized swimming career just a few months before the second Olympics in my life (in Rio de Janeiro. - Approx. Ed. ) - due to injury to both hands. Before that, for four years I continued to train amid health problems, but at that time everything became very serious.

I started surfing for myself as an amateur, I thought that the injury would interfere with me, but it turned out that surfing does not have a lot of pressure on my hands. It is a great happiness for me that I can continue to play sports further and show good results.

Thanks to surfing I travel a lot, I choose those places where there are conditions for training. Now I'm flying to Australia, I'm really looking forward to this - there is a real mecca for surfers. Good spots in the Maldives - there is perfect weather, the right waves, clean clear water.

You can train in Portugal and Hawaii, I am delighted with these places.

On trips, I usually train all day, surfing is exciting, the main thing here is not to forget to go out for a snack and relax a bit. Of course, the weather on the ocean is unpredictable, there are days when there are no waves. Then I’m resting, gaining strength.

Synchronized swimming and surfing, of course, are very different sports.

But the fact that I spent most of my life in the water helps me a lot. In water, I feel more comfortable than on land. Water is my element. I have no fear. My experience in synchronized swimming also helps me surf.

In surfing, I like the process of communicating with nature. All waves are different, one is not like the other. You need to be able to read the elements, to be able to interact with the ocean.When you catch a wave and feel how it pushes you, you experience an incredible drive.

Angelica Timanina

When I was surfing as an amateur, I was looking for ideal conditions for training.

When competitive surfing appeared in my life, I began to train in very poor conditions. Now, every training session for me is a challenge, a challenge. You never know what awaits you in competitions, it is better to prepare in advance.

Surfing is an interesting sport, but original, there are many nuances. Every day I try to work out a new technique: today I work on the right wave, tomorrow on the left, then on the length of the journey.

The next time I go to where there are a lot of people, I try to compete with them in order to take a wave too. No workout is like the previous one.

If synchronized swimming sometimes turned into a routine for me, then surfing is always a holiday. There are no days when I do not want to engage. Even if the conditions are bad - it’s cold, I’m in a wetsuit, it is raining - anyway, I happily go into the water.

The only thing that is hard to give is the early wake ups in the morning (sometimes you need to get up at 4 or 5 in the morning). I reassure myself that after a workout there will be a delicious breakfast, aromatic coffee. Inspire myself with small pleasures.

But if the body insistently requires sleep, I allow myself to come to training a little later. After a busy schedule of training in synchronized swimming, I want to get some sleep at least.

Angelica Timanina

When I come to Moscow, I do fitness, swim in the pool, I do physical training and workout with my coach, I do everything so as not to lose shape. I practice the skills that I need in surfing, for example balance.

I try to ride a skateboard - such training is useful for surfers. Even on land, you can not forget how to stand on the board. Recently, I’ve been to Moscow rarely, a lot of things are accumulating, I don’t have enough time for daily workouts, but I’ll definitely train several times a week.

  1. You will need a hemisphere simulator - He is in many fitness clubs. Flip the hemisphere and try balancing on it.
  2. When you feel confident, try to sit on both legs.
  3. The next step is to stand in the center of the simulator and try to squat on each leg in turn.

The number of squats and approaches depends on the physical form of the person, you can gradually increase the load.

I usually do three sets of 30 reps in each exercise.

Locals Only Sports and Music Festival, Ambassador which became Angelica Timanina, will be held June 29-30 in St. Petersburg, July 20 - in Moscow, September 7 - in Sochi.



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