How sports and dancing help produce endorphins

Our body produces chemicals that make a person happy and increase self-esteem. Today, on International Day of Happiness, together with the dance center "PRO dance" we tell what endorphins are and why it is important to know how to properly develop them.

How sports and dancing help produce endorphins

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Endorphins in the blood - a "natural drug" or "hormone of happiness" - normalize blood pressure and respiratory rate , improve digestion , promote the healing of tissues damaged in the body and, of course, give a person a sense of joy. Lethargy , apathy , loneliness about , confusion - often people do not understand why they experience feelings that greatly interfere with daily productivity and inspiration.

It is generally accepted that endorphins are a cure for almost everything, but there is no evidence yet that is evidence that they can replace standard medicine with humans.

Some people are not able to experience happiness - this disease is called anhedonia. Endorphins or their substitutes can be artificially introduced into the body and temporarily raise your spirits, but there will be no complete cure. Artificial stimulation of this hormone can be highly addictive and be dangerous oh for people.

How sports and dancing help produce endorphins

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The mechanism of action of endorphins

is laid down in man by nature. During the extreme situations and they act as painkillers and activate thinking, and then neutralize the effects of adrenaline rush : normalize the functioning of the heart and lungs. A feeling of joy and satisfaction from the fact that we managed to overcome difficulties is the best result, but sometimes endorphins euthanize a person so that he can recover as soon as possible after the stress experienced. As a result of restoration, endorphins strengthen the immune system and even carry out a analysis of the past experience - awaken associative thinking , which will help people to develop a new model of behavior and no longer get into unpleasant situations .

Lack of endorphins leads to suppressed mood, depression.

Some people seize stress with cakes , junk food, but they bringing I t are only temporary pleasure. The guilt , that a person feels in front of his body, filling him with junk food, prevents the release of "molecules of joy" . A vicious circle arises: a person does not receive doses of endorphins and eats even more .

The production of endorphins will definitely help hot peppers, which affect the nerve cells of the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth and make the brain respond to the burning sensation , and as seasoning in food suitable vanilla or lavender.

Skydiving, skydiving or a roller coaster - a risky but effective way to develop a "hormone of joy.

" The main thing is to be physically prepared for this test. The easiest way to get a dose of endorphins is to laugh, so every day you find a reason to laugh heartily. According to the researchers, in the ditch and , the oh was taken from people while watching the comedy of the movie , the number of endorphins increased by 27 % , and growth hormone - by 87% .

How sports and dancing help produce endorphins

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Fitness classes will also help increase the level of endorphins.

During long and intensive trainings, adrenaline is released, muscle pain intensifies, endorphins begin to be produced - they reduce this pain and accelerate the adaptation of the human body to stresses. A phenomenon known as runner's euphoria is an emotional uplift after a long run . In half an hour of training, the concentration of "hormones of happiness" in the blood increases 5- 7 times, and their effect lasts for 1.5 -2 hour s

Studies have shown that listening to music increases the amount of endorphins in the blood. A large number of expectant mothers , who regularly listened to their favorite music, did not require painkillers during childbirth .

Biochemical substances , that arise under the influence of positive emotions , caused by music, by elevate a person’s mood , immunity level, distraction they relieve pain and lower nervous tension.

An ideal way to develop endorphins in the body is to train to music, dancing and aerobics classes are especially suitable.



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