How Proper Breathing Can Avoid Conflict

Peter Bregman - the author of the book “Rules of the Four Seconds” - also fell into this situation and therefore came up with a special breathing technique. If you feel that you are about to explode, take a pause for four seconds. Breathe in and out - this is enough time. If it does not help, step back and breathe deeply for as long as necessary. This rule helps prevent conflict: you do not spend a long educational work on yourself, you just stop and do not let emotions overwhelm you.

Proper breathing helps not only during a conflict, but also before it. The reason is simple: it starts the parasympathetic nervous system and calms the entire body. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for relaxing the body. Its center is the vagus nerve. A deep breath starts the production of acetylcholine in the vagus nerve - the heart rate decreases, blood pressure decreases and the muscles relax.

It’s easier for a calm person to control himself and express emotions.



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