How President Beats by Dr. Train Dre Luke Wood: “All life around is a movie to which I picked up a soundtrack before it was shot”

- I run every day. With no exceptions. Although I have no goal of running marathons. I practice with Strava (a training app. - Approx.

Ed. ) and look at my metrics. Not even that: I closely monitor my pace and compare it with the pace of other runners in the application. I know my speed and my distance — let's say, I’ll run five or six miles with a pace for 8 minutes 40 seconds per mile (one mile is about 1.6 kilometers.

- Approx. Ed.) .

I also ride a lot on a skateboard, do climbing and downhill skiing. I like to be on the street, more precisely in nature.

At home I "run" on an ellipse. When I was a little over thirty, I met one guy - I remember it well - who said: you constantly run on the track and along the street, right? Yeah. Well, you have twenty years, and then your knees will go to hell. And I decided that such a prospect does not suit me, I want to go jogging longer - so I reduced the load on my knees and on the shore.

I always believed that you need to take breaks, give yourself a rest: the day of sport is a day without sport.

Because everyone does it. About twelve years ago I was skiing in California with a friend, Glen Play, a professional athlete who starred in a bunch of films in the 80s, a guy with a huge Iroquois who made the first descents along the pristine slopes in the Alps. We rode and he was in incredibly good shape. I asked how he stays fit outside the ski season. He said he was never in the gym and was never out of shape.

Never. “If I don’t ski, I train on a bike, if it’s not a bike, I run, if I don’t run, I go water skiing, if it’s not water skiing, then hiking, if I don’t go hiking, I’ll rock climbing. I just live , you know, I'm always in shape. " I then asked him: “Listen, this is very interesting, but how do you not get injured under such loads?” He grinned: “If you lived in this village a thousand years ago, and you needed to go to that village - you would just go there thirty kilometers. And so every day.

If you need to kill a tiger or run away from a tiger - you would not ask myself about injuries and days without stress. Then there was: oh, today is a day of rest, I don’t eat. "

Glen's basic philosophy: people, a kind of homo sa20iens, have always moved, as nature intended. It seemed to me that this made sense, and I began to follow this principle, although I was already over thirty. I do not train only in very difficult and tiring days of flights and movements, when there is simply no opportunity to work out.

For these twelve years I have not had a single injury (knock on wood).

I think everyone knows this, but I’ll say it anyway. Working with the muscles of the body is the main thing for the body. Skiing and climbing are my balance.

Sometimes I work out with running teams, for example, Bridge Runners in New York, Night Runners in Shanghai, Berlin Braves in Berlin.

It's fun. But I always want to wear headphones - music is important to me, although it looks asocial. I like to be with you guys, I like to drink juice and stretch together after jogging - but what about my jogging music? Everything is wrong without her.

Actually, I don’t live a real life: my "real" life is a fiction that happens with constantly playing music. Music is my meditation.

When I landed in Moscow, I had an hour to listen to music on the run. In this I can dissolve. I ran around Moscow and looked at how people are dressed, at the sky, at the moon - all this is beautiful, but to the music with which I ran, it all rises to the level of Shakespeare's drama. All my life around is a movie to which I picked up a soundtrack before it was shot.

There are serious studies on the impact of music on professional athletes: in training, competitions, recovery.

You can track how, for example, music calms the pulse. Headphones that do not interfere with sports - running, playing basketball and any other kind of sport - are an important part of training.

At Beats, we think most of all about music and how it sounds to a person. We all have a musical past: in the 90s I was the manager of Nirvana, and I myself played in the group for many years, worked in record studios. Sound is not just a word.

It is complicated and beautiful.

For sound, space, emptiness is very important. The earphone allows you to listen only to what you want to hear. There is still quite a lot of emptiness in the ear of a person with an earphone, and it affects the sound quality. When a person goes in for sports, he sweats predictably and the headphone slides predictably a little, he sits less tightly.

We sit for hundreds of hours and make hundreds of models of ear and earphone to understand how to make the earphone continue to sit comfortably in the ear and maintain the perfect sound quality that we need. These are micromillimeter changes that are barely noticeable both on 3D models in a computer and in real life.

The silicone inserts that are worn on the cartridge are like running sneakers. You won’t come to the store and you won’t tell me on the move: wrap me these sneakers. We need to test them.

We have six sizes and shapes of inserts - this is due to the uniqueness of each ear (in early April, Beats by Dr. Dre introduced the new Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones. - Approx. Ed. ).

All these external technological improvements really mean only one thing. Yes, a new emphasis of arches, new material, the second generation chip from A48ple, ease of connection. Yes, seventy percent lighter, yes, twenty three percent less in volume - all this affects the sound quality. My life is music, and most importantly for me is great sound.

There is a feature in the headphones that those who exercise regularly will appreciate: quick charge.

In five minutes, the headphones are charged so that their work lasts for an hour and a half. For fifteen - for four hours. These five minutes - this is while you go to the toilet, put on running clothes, tie the laces. How many times I sat and looked at the red light of charging at a time when I could already run! Well, fifteen minutes is a taxi ride home, and now you can run the marathon. Headphones won't let you down.

As a runner, I understand one thing: the charge is very important. A charged battery means running. A dead battery means waiting, lost time.

Here is my playlist for running. I listened to some of the tracks while jogging around Moscow, and some I just like.




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