How nutrition affects cancer treatment

In a study conducted in February-March 2018, 412 patients with diagnosed oncological diseases aged 12 to 76 years from different regions of Russia took part. The results showed that, regardless of the type of oncology, more than 70% of respondents lost weight during illness. This was directly related to digestive problems - 92% suffered from nausea, appetite lost in 57%, the taste of food changed in 45%, and 37% had difficulty eating food. All this had a direct impact on the effectiveness of treatment and the rate of recovery of the body.

The reason lies in the attitude of doctors to patients: 53% of respondents believe that the attending specialist did not pay enough attention to nutrition, only 50% of oncologists spoke about the importance of good nutrition for effective treatment, and advice was given only by 30% of doctors.

Help in such a situation can specialized nutrition, which in the USA and Europe has long been part of the treatment course (in Russia only 12% of oncologists tell about it). In one portion of such a product (only 125 ml), designed specifically for patients experiencing nutrition problems, contains the maximum number of calories (300 kcal), protein (19 g) and other nutrients (vitamins and minerals).

You can get acquainted with the detailed results of the study and learn more about specialized nutrition on the website Hello Cancer Patients Association or by calling the round-the-clock hotline 8 (800) 30-10-209 (a call is free for Russia).



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