How not to give up sports: 8 tips that work

The goal gives meaning to any activity, including training. Going in for sports is easier when there is a clear task. Tidy your figure, lose weight, run a half marathon - the goal depends on your intentions. Designate it in your thoughts, write it down and hang it in plain sight or make a promise in social networks. When you want to give up, remember why you started it all, and you will again have a desire to turn the mountains and bring it to the end.

Comfortable functional clothing greatly facilitates the training process. Pay attention to the equipment in which you feel comfortable during training. For each sport there are conditional equipment rules. In the gym, it is better to avoid too short and open clothes - so you will be comfortable when doing the exercises. For jogging in the city, choose clothes that do not constrain movements (super short shorts leave for the beach).

Clothing should be suitable for your chosen sport, should remove excess moisture and dry quickly. But most importantly - let you really like her.

When you decide what you need, go to the store. Choose several models of clothes and buy only what you feel the best in, because your training and your achievements are ahead!

A trainer is necessary in any sport not only for professionals, but also for amateurs. Trainer is primarily needed to show you the correct technique for doing the exercises and make a training plan based on your goals.

A qualified specialist will monitor the accuracy of the training plan and will be able to adjust it if necessary, without prejudice to your fitness. In addition, a trainer with experience will easily determine your potential. Do you think that today is not your day and you can’t master even a hundred meters in training? A good coach can convince you otherwise. Remember that the cost of a trainer always pays off. You will achieve results faster and save on a traumatologist and recovery procedures.

Running on the track or in the park, push-ups, pulling up and pulling the twine is much more fun with a friend or girlfriend. Or in a group of sports lovers. If you want not to miss jogging, sign up for a running club. Fortunately, there are many communities with free runs. Running in a group perfectly distracts and relieves your head, and also gives you the opportunity to meet new interesting people.

Find like-minded people in social networks or in a fitness club and agree to train together. By the way, a bonus: you can always ask friends to take a beautiful photo from a workout.

Exercising should become commonplace, like brushing your teeth or lunch. After all, you always find time for this. To avoid excuses, ease your way to training.

Gather a sports bag in advance and place it near the door. Keep a kit in the car - in case you suddenly want to go for a run or stretch out on the sports ground. Make playlists for different sporting tasks: energetic and peppy tracks - for strength training and cardio, calm - for stretching and hitch. Music will energize you and will be associated with sports. Over time - for each person, this period is individual - you will get used to the fact that part of your life is occupied by sports, and you will no longer need additional incentives.

The easiest way to talk about your sports career is through social networks . The blogs of amateur athletes have long collected thousands of followers. Even if you don’t have a goal to become a blogger, just write about what you achieved and how you did it. Believe me, this will be a great motivation not to give up! Your achievements and experience can be a guide for those who are just starting to train. Do not forget to share your successes with loved ones and ask for help if it becomes difficult.

A small condition: choose those who will not dissuade you from the idea of ​​running a marathon or losing weight. Stick to your goals!

The race, official race, crossfit agility and endurance competitions awaken the spirit of competition and turn the sport into a game. Who is the strongest is the first. Competitions energize and help not give up. When you stand in front of the start line among hundreds of those who, like you, have trained for months to go out and show their best results, you experience incredible sensations that are difficult to describe.

You can only feel them. In almost every competition, finishers are awarded medals. Who defeated himself - no one will win! Gather a personal collection and hang it in a conspicuous place. Call family and friends to the competition, let them come to cheer for you and support you.

Even if you cannot boast of Olympic results, competitions are a great sporting goal and an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can do more.

Do not exercise through force. If you really do not want to go to training, listen to the body and give it a break. Remember that overtraining does not lead to anything good. Rest time is needed to restore not only our body, but also the psyche. Strength training can really undermine motivation.

You will feel very tired, because of which you will want to quickly drop everything and return to a comfortable life without approaches, weights and stopwatch. But you should relax, spend a couple of days without sports, switch - and you will start training with renewed vigor!

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