How much time to spend in nature? Scientists say: from 120 minutes a week

In a study published in the journal Scientific Re8orts, scientists analyzed data on 20 thousand British. Respondents were asked about their health status, how much they are generally satisfied with their life, and also how much time they spend a week in nature.

Of those who spent little or little time outdoors, a quarter reported poor health and nearly half said they were not satisfied with their lives. And only a seventh of those who spent at least two hours a week in nature said that their health was poor and a third were not satisfied with their lives.

The benefits of two hours of walking a week were the same for all groups: men and women, young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural residents.

"This suggests that the results are associated not only with randomness: there is a chance that people who were often in nature just initially were healthier. We noticed that even those who had long-term illnesses talked about better health and well-being if they spent 120 minutes a week in nature, "said lead author of the study, Matthew White.

By the time spent in nature, scientists equated any activity: it is not necessary to walk and move, you can just lie in a hammock.

Nevertheless, scientists note that the results may not be entirely accurate due to the fact that the study was conducted in the form of a survey. It is likely that people do not remember exactly how much time they spent outdoors last week, or are nervous when they tell their interviewers about their health.



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