How much do nutritionists earn?

The distribution of money is a very difficult matter, they all go away through the fingers. But if you try to categorize them, you get such a picture.

65,550 - payment of a mortgage , about 30% of all income

30,000 - products (for oneself and two children)

20,000-30,000 - clothing (for oneself and children)

20,000 - loan repayment

20 000 - accumulation

10 000 - utility bills

6 000 - gasoline and car expenses

6,000 - fitness club , I immediately buy an annual card

5,000-10,000 - education and literature , if we divide the sum of the courses by about a month. Dietology in Russia is terribly underdeveloped, all innovations are only self-education: the search for interesting articles, new products, some additional educational courses, interesting lectures, conferences, discussions, meetings with other doctors.

5,000 - alcohol , 2-3 bottles of good wine per month

3,000-4,000 - vitamins, dietary supplements, protein bars .

I work almost always, I often have no time to eat, and a protein bar is always lying in my bag. This is a convenient snack option, a sufficient amount of protein, almost zero fat and zero carbohydrates.

2,000 - cigarettes

In the entertainment column you can put zero , I don’t go to theaters, because of tiredness I fall asleep there. I don’t go to restaurants - for me it is a huge waste of time, only if there are some business meetings, but usually they go for a cup of coffee.



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