How men care for their skin: a basic guide

- Firstly, on male skin, as a rule, there is more sebum (sebum). Its production is directly related to the level of male sex hormones. In adult men, the skin is more oily than in young men. But they still have acne

much less often

than in women. Largely - due to the lack of constant "hormonal swing" in the form of a menstrual cycle.

Secondly, men's skin is denser than women's. The process of decreasing density varies with age in women and in men. Men's skin is thinning gradually and evenly , starting from about 20 years. In women, it hardly changes until the age of 50, and then it begins to rapidly thin out. Collagen, which is also responsible for the density of the skin, is associated with the level of estrogen - female sex hormones.

In men, their number is negligible.

How men care for their skin: a basic guide

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Despite some differences between women's and men's skin (and the variety of cosmetics on the shelves with the inscriptions “for men” and “for women”), There are no significant differences in care.

When choosing funds, a person should take into account the features of his skin.

For example, a man may well have dry skin with peeling and redness.

In this case, you need to choose a moisturizer with soothing components, a mild cleanser and, possibly, an additional moisturizing serum.

If you are concerned about acne, clogged pores, black dots or uneven texture, you need to look at exfoliating products. It would be better if they were not scrubs, but acids . For example, salicylic or glycolic. They can be part of a lotion, tonic or serum.

Such products will daily exfoliate the skin, cleanse the pores and smooth the texture, without violating the protective barrier.

Men, like women, should monitor the reaction of their skin to various means and stop using them if discomfort appears.

For basic care, two or three products are sufficient: a cleanser, a moisturizer and a solution to problems, if any. Suppose a man has combination skin with single rashes. Then he needs a mild cleanser (such after which the skin does not creak, there is no feeling of tightness), a light moisturizer or lotion and a specific acne remedy that needs to be applied only to rashes.

If a man uses the aftershave, the skin care procedure will consist of the following steps: shave, wash with a cleanser, aftershave, then the rest of the care (tonics, serums, creams) .

When using a cleanser, it is not necessary to additionally apply the aftershave. Its antiseptic functions will be performed by the gel for washing, and moisturizers by the cream.

How men care for their skin: a basic guide

Eveline Soothing Ultra-Moisturizing Cream

In the basic set of care products must be sunscreen . Exposure to ultraviolet light can provoke the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and other age-related skin changes.

Regular sun protection helps keep skin youthful for both men and women. Cream with SPF prevents the occurrence of malignant tumors on the skin, which are difficult to treat. In urban conditions, there will be enough money with SPF 30, and it is better to grab a cream with SPF 50 on the beach.

How men care for their skin: a basic guide

Weleda After Shave Balm

After Shave Balm It so happened that for a long time men felt like it’s a shame to use female creams, which is very beneficial for marketers. In fact, men can use any means of care - regardless of gender labeling.

Almost every major brand has a separate For men line with brutal black bottles and vibrant aromas. Such remedies can sometimes


to women in terms of effectiveness. They add a lot of perfumes, dyes and other potentially skin irritating ingredients. But really working substances may not be included in the composition, taking advantage of the fact that men are less interested in cosmetic ingredients and will not look for retinol or peptides in the list on the package.

How men care for their skin: a basic guide

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When choosing cosmetics for care, do not pay attention to the color of the jar. It is better to make sure that the composition of the product contains those components that your skin needs. In the past few years, more and more brands are abandoning the gender division of cosmetics, putting only ingredients and the purpose of the product on the label.



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