How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

The Challenger talks about what will happen if you risk breaking the usual course of things and changing your life. Why does real life begin exactly where the comfort zone ends? But it really does begin.

To the start! Attention! Now run! Just don't turn around, just don't ask questions. See: run ahead? Here you have them. Where and why, you ask? Well, where to get happiness! Although no, what is happiness? Something abstract, incomprehensible, indefinite.

To understand, you need time, you need to slow down, you need to stop, you need to think. Let's replace the incomprehensible "happiness" with understandable "comfort." Comfort is such convenient happiness (and can it be convenient?), It is a compromise of dreams and reality (do they have compromises?), It is a curtsy of one’s own fears, it is deceptive stability in exchange for ephemeral freedom.

Modern man does not need cranes in the sky, he prefers tits, and preferably in a cage. For sure, so as not to fly away.

The consumer industry is working day and night on the production of these tits, and every day we are drowning in things, in emotions, in relationships in which we are comfortable. We agree on less so as not to lose what is already there. We do not take risks, we deceive, we are afraid. Our fears make fate and, ultimately, leave us with nothing, when it becomes impossible to continue to lie.

And what is there, outside the comfort zone? There are no rainbows and prancing unicorns.

There are no "convenient" people and common truths. There, more often than not, an unsightly facade hides genuine beauty. There you are - the same complex, "uncomfortable", indefinite, but real.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

So what will happen to you if you take the first and most important step from a cozy cell comfort zone into an uncomfortable reality.

Difficulties and crisis are always about opportunities and about development and comfort is stagnation and running in a circle, and if you just turn off the beaten path, you will have an incredible scope of opportunities before you, and you will see what a tremendous potential really is in you.

Self-improvement is work and overcoming yourself, it is always discomfort, but this is the only way to improve your skills and learn new ones. Each change, each step forward motivates not to stop and move on. This is akin to a snowy coma: small permutations entail global restructuring and a complete rethinking. A little time will pass, and you will catch yourself thinking that the former way of life does not appeal to you, and in the once cozy comfort zone you are too crowded.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

The easiest way to quickly increase your self-esteem and rise higher on your improvised ladder of self-development is set a goal and achieve it.

Ease is that the level of complexity of the task is absolutely unimportant, the fact of achievement is important. Whether it’s a general cleaning in the apartment or memorization of irregular English verbs - any small victory over yourself adds confidence in your own strengths, and you understand that now you can not be stopped. This is akin to a long-forgotten feeling, when after several nights of ruthless cramming, you brilliantly answer your ticket on the exam and feel like the most omnipotent person on earth - Gulliver and Superman in one person (at the same time educated). Well, and not wanting to leave the comfort zone, you will never experience anything like this: avoiding defeat, you lose yourself and victories.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

From childhood we were prepared for the worst: fast running is fraught with falls, loud laughter ends with tears , and if we disappeared from parent radars for several minutes, then a catastrophe certainly happened to us.

In adolescence, seeing the "deuce" in the diary, we were predicted an inglorious future and an absolute lack of prospects. And as a result of such "preparation", an adult, faced with something new, does not anticipate potential opportunities and benefits for himself, but danger and deliberate collapse. And if you do not force your brain to work for you, then by default it starts to work against you, so you need and can fight against fears. The most effective way of struggle is reflection and introspection. Remember your fears in childhood, do they scare you now? Even the fears of a year ago today no longer seem so terrible and significant.

Visualize your fear and mentally select the “antidote”, try to rise above it: do you think that you will think about it in a year? We are not saying that we need to become a fearless optimist; rather, we are for a brave realist who objectively evaluates his capabilities and is not afraid to try. Remember, from fear to freedom - just one step long in thought.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

Well, to be completely honest, then live in comfort zone is just boring. Every day we predict up to a minute, the only thing that is allowed to change is the clothes and the color of manicure (such an illusion of freedom of choice). But in spite of everything, a person never ceases to dream that someday the day will come (let us call it “tomorrow”), and a life full of adventure and joy that he once invented for himself before going to bed will devour him.

“Tomorrow” he will leave stupid work, end a relationship that has long been at an impasse, enroll in acting classes, get a job in a circus school, lose 10 kilograms, and leave for Tibet. But instead of “tomorrow” comes today, and it is no different from yesterday. And instead of mind-blowing emotions, they come - self-flagellation and dissatisfaction, which can be "drowned out" except by excuses and excuses.

But the vicious circle is not so difficult to break: it’s enough to break at least one link in a boring scenario. Have you wanted to dance for a long time? Do not plan to buy a subscription for half a year, but come home today, turn on the music and just dance.

Yes, in the middle of the working week, without going to the club, you can wear a home T-shirt with seals. Three of these evenings and it will be vital for you to master twerk and hip-hop, because otherwise it is completely unclear how to dance to Nicki Minaj. So you will get rid not only of dissatisfaction with yourself, but also of a couple of extra pounds, and tomorrow will not bode another wave of remorse, but anticipation of new achievements. Well, learn to dance.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

Once outside the comfort zone, you will begin to be surprised, and above all to yourself.

You will be amazed not only by the scale of the opened prospects, but also by the absurdity of past fears and judgments. Excuses and excuses, which once were weighty arguments in disputes with conscience, now seem completely incapable and completely untenable. You will just be ridiculous that once you really bother and worried about some kind of nonsense, which is not worth a minute of your attention. This does not mean that now you will completely deprive yourself of fears and doubts, just now you are ready to fight them, and not blindly follow their lead. You understand that you can stumble, but also know that you can get up.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

By constantly asking yourself questions, analyzing your own feelings, motives, actions, you will better know yourself: your strengths and weaknesses. Each task that requires your participation will be perceived not as another obstacle to be tripped over, but as a new lesson and new knowledge. Knowing about yourself. And here it doesn’t matter at all whether you emerge victorious or fail miserably.

You will remain an unread book for yourself, lying on the couch all the time and watching the same series for the tenth time.

A cozy beautiful shell without any semantic content, and yet you have been lying like this for many hours. Here you can draw an analogy with food: fast food is a delicious food that does not bring the body absolutely nothing but hundreds of empty calories. With healthy products, things are different: you need to get used to them for a long time, gradually including them in your diet. Preferring long-term prospects (useful products) to short-term pleasure (fast food), you completely take control of your life, and it depends only on you what will be at your table today and how it will affect you. And now it's not just about food.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

Over time, you will notice the relationship between discomfort and truly significant for you with things and events. Often one does not exist without the other. Short-term discomfort leads to long-term improvement and success. That which itself floats into the hands and does not require any efforts for implementation, most often has no special value and is quickly forgotten, but here, where one has to sweat, remains in the memory for a long time. You must admit that your most interesting stories are not related to how well you lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, but rather to those situations when you got up from it.

Likewise, after hard training: yes, during this hour you have died and come to life several times, but when you leave the gym, you understand that you challenged yourself and survived. All these things have one thing in common: the initial phase requires effort on yourself, but at the end you feel like a god. So, if something scares you, it’s a good sign!

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

Changing, you can, without suspecting it, be a source of inspiration for another person who also longs for change, but does not know where to start and how to overcome his fear. You will be an example of being an ordinary, average person without a goal and a dream, or an individualist with clear ideas about his desires and how to achieve them - a matter of choice, which, one way or another, confronts each person every day.

But you may encounter a completely different reaction from others, and it is better to be prepared for this: not all people will clap your shoulder and support your changes.

They have already reconciled with their fate, reconciled with the fact that dreams remained dreams, and life is not what they enjoy, but what they endure. And it’s scary, unbearable, to see your attempts to change the usual course of things: while you are sitting with them in the same swamp, they are becoming more and more convinced that it is impossible to leave the comfort zone, which means that you can sink further. Sooner or later, you will get out of the networks, and those who opposed your changes will follow you or cross you out of their “comfortable” life as a dumb reproach to their inaction. Try to avoid people who are confused and frightened by difficulties. As soon as you find your path, you will be completely inaccessible to their arrows.

How life will change if you leave the comfort zone

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