How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

Josh Brolin is known to the viewer as the leading actor in the films Sin City, Killer, and Old Men Can't Be Here. Now Josh is associated with two characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Thanos from The Avengers and Cable from Deadpool 2. The role of the latter demanded serious physical effort from the 50-year-old Brolin.

Brolin had only three months to prepare for the role of Cable. During this time, the actor lost about ten kilograms, significantly improved muscle relief and in the frame was in no way inferior to his colleague Ryan Reynolds.

And how did Josh achieve such results? First things first.

How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

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Brolin understood: come getting into shape in three months is tricky. Therefore, he turned for help to the well-known Hollywood trainer and bodybuilder Justin Lavato. “Josh sent me Cable’s drawings and asked if he could even be a little like him,” Justin recalls.

“I immediately noticed that the character has huge arms and shoulders, so Josh and I decided to focus on them.”

Brolin trained six days a week for three hours: in the morning - cardio, boxing, jumping rope, in the evening - weight training. Josh did a lot of insulating exercises, such as lifting the biceps on Scott's bench or lifting the arms, with small dumbbells and block simulators, but did not forget about the multi-joint movements. The last actor performed with large weights and in a limited amplitude to reduce the risk of injury. According to the coach of the actor, Josh trained with maximum efficiency, and the results exceeded all expectations.

How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

Below is the hand training compiled by Lavato's trainer for Brolin.

  • easy running on the treadmill, 10 minutes;
  • rope simulator, five sets 2 minutes each;
  • deadlift from the knees, ten sets of 10 repetitions.

Five sets with minimal rest between them:

  • 12 jumps on a curbstone;
  • 24 steps on a curbstone;
  • 100 jumps on a skipping rope;
  • 20 leg lifts in the hang;
  • 10 minutes of work on the paws;
  • 10 minutes of running on the track.
  • French bench press on the block simulator, four sets of 20 repetitions (the weight in each set increases);
  • bending of arms on Scott's bench, four sets of 12 repetitions;
  • bench press with a narrow grip, four sets of 20 repetitions;
  • bending of arms with dumbbell "hammer", four sets of 20 repetitions;
  • French bench press with dumbbells, four sets of 15 repetitions;
  • Arnold's bending with a dumbbell, four sets of 15 repetitions;
  • extension of arms on a block simulator, four sets of 15 repetitions;
  • s bending hands with a barbell sitting, four sets of 15 repetitions.

The nutrition plan for Brolin was drawn up by Justin's friend, a professional nutritionist Jonathan Phillips.

Josh described his food best in preparation for Deadpool 2 in an Instagram post: “I eat 5-6 times a day. Proteins and fats - in the afternoon, carbohydrates "In the evening. No sugar, no bread, no pasta. Only fish, eggs, rice, vegetables, water and a cup of strong coffee in the morning. I am almost 50 years old.

But thanks to our approach and discipline, I am achieving impressive success."

How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

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Brolin said that helping and supporting loved ones is just as important as supporting professional trainers and nutritionists. " My body is the result of the work of the whole team.

I must thank not only Justin and Jonathan, but also Katherine’s wife. She believes in me, helps to run a business and shoots all these crazy videos for my instagram ".

The actor was supported by his colleagues. Brolin says that he once encountered Dave Batista in the gym, playing the role of Drax in the " Guardians of the Galaxy " . " Dave saw me and asked: "What happened to you? Where did all these muscles come from? "Better to compliment and not come up with " .

How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

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From the beginning of filming, the second parts of the “Deadpool” Brolin and Reynolds constantly joked at each other on social networks, compared training progress and found out which one was cooler. “ Sometimes we joked on the edge,” Josh recalls. “But everyone knew it wasn’t serious. I saw how Ryan was preparing for the shoot and how he was transformed.

It made me work twice as hard. Yes "You can’t do without the support of loved ones, but rivalry can also be useful."

How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

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Process getting in shape is always difficult, so an additional incentive will not hurt. The actor found him in helping children.

Josh owns Prevail sportswear brand. With the start of preparations for the second “Deadpool”, he released a limited series of T-shirts, hoodies, tops and baseball caps, which he promoted on Instagram and tagged with the hashtag #CABLESWOLE. The proceeds received from sales were transferred to the St. Jude Thaddeus Hospital, the world's largest scientific and clinical center for treating children with oncology.

How Josh Brolin Muscled Up For Superhero Roles

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