How I dealt with emotional overeating and lost 80 kilograms

Each story of struggle and overcoming is unique, and the story of Christina Carter is no exception. A few years ago, the girl weighed 130 kilograms, but in 2014 her life changed dramatically - she realized that she could no longer “carry such a burden” and decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery (an operation in which doctors create a small reservoir in the upper part of the stomach, able to accommodate a very limited amount of solid food). Despite the fact that everything went well and Christina quickly lost weight, recovering from surgery, the girl had to go through two more operations - removal of sagging skin and plastic breasts (the mammary glands also lost shape as a result of sudden weight loss).

Yes, it may seem that Carter’s story is more like measured swimming along the stream than a difficult path to the goal, but nevertheless Christina had to face both ups and downs. All this time, the girl struggled with her main problem - emotional overeating.

Christine decided to publicly tell her story - she hopes that her experience will help those who are struggling to lose weight, but so far can not establish a "healthy relationship" with food.

- The phrase that "there is nothing more" tasty "than to feel thin" is complete nonsense. Believe me, the taste of chocolate chip cookies does not depend on how much you weigh. The difference between the two photos is only as I began to think about food. I used to live from one meal to another - during lunch, I already thought about what I would eat for dinner.

Now everything is different.

"I began to relate to food and everything connected with it in a different way. I loved to cook and now every day I try to look for new recipes for delicious low-calorie dishes that "I’m not only pleasing the receptors, but they are not an obstacle to my goal. In addition, I learned not to" seize "my feelings, but to find other ways to express them." And despite the fact that Christine “hates sports”, she admitted that now she relieves stress by playing the piano and training in the hall.

Christina’s physical and emotional transformation is the result of hard work. The girl believes that it is important to find new ways to deal with stress and not use food for this. "I learned one simple thing: despite the fact that at some point in time," bad "food seems to be a good solution, in the end, it will further aggravate your condition," says Christina.

Christina's followers leave dozens of comments under each of her pictures - they want to know how the girl managed to avoid the "boomerang effect" and not gain weight again. In addition to finding new ways to relax and sublimate stress, Christina’s main advice is: " First, figure out your thoughts and only then proceed to the body! "

- We must go to the end-until you succeed.

Spit what others say, spit what scales show - you yourself choose your future. You create your own life. Please do not give up.



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