How did one of the most difficult half marathons in Europe - ROSA 777

Yesterday the ROSA RUN running festival ended. Four days, two difficult distances, one running quest, one carnival race, hundreds of cool photos and even more happy faces. We tell you how the most difficult race at the festival went and who won the prizes.

On the last day (May 6) of the ROSA RUN festival, the heaviest race was planned - ROSA 777. This is one of the most difficult half marathons in Europe.

To finish this distance, participants had to run seven kilometers along the plain, seven uphill and seven back from the mountain (but you could team up with two other people and run the baton). For those who are not yet mentally and physically ready to overcome 21 kilometers, the organizers have prepared a short distance - ROSA 7 (seven kilometers).

The winners of ROSA 777 were: 1st place - Dmitry Safronov (1 hour 12 minutes 6 seconds), 2nd place - Gleb Sharikov (1 hour 16 minutes 28 seconds), 3rd place - Alexey Mamarin (1 hour 20 minutes 46 seconds). Among the girls, the fastest were: Elena Sedova (1 hour 25 minutes 16 seconds), Ulyana Sharikova (1 hour 26 minutes 55 seconds), Olga Tarantinova (1 hour 28 minutes). These results seem phenomenal to us! Congratulations!



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