How days of rest in the middle of the week will make your life better.

The Challenger found out why you sometimes need to relax in the middle of the week and how such a weekend can change your life for the better.

How days of rest in the middle of the week will make your life better.

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According to


, stress at work is associated with high workload, low satisfaction from their own work, poor diet and lack of physical activity during the day.

A day of rest in the middle of the week can significantly affect each of these factors (and not only). And here's why:

You You can escape from work tasks, relax and reboot. Relieving stress, the very next day you will feel rested and full of strength. So, ready for new career feats.

We already wrote that A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for health : the spine suffers from this, the risk of heart disease increases, long immobility leads to weight gain and shortened life expectancy.

Spending a day relaxing on a walk, training, or even just doing household chores is much more useful than sitting at a computer.

The ability to not rush anywhere in the morning will allow you to calmly fall asleep, and an additional 20-30 minutes of sleep after the usual alarm signal - a pleasant luxury that you cannot afford on weekdays - will cheer you up. You need to sleep for at least 7 hours per day. But in addition to the amount of sleep, its quality is important. (Here we advise you to read our text about how to improve the quality of sleep.


How days of rest in the middle of the week will make your life better.

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For example, do some decoration documents or look into the beauty salon on a weekday when there are no queues and a full record. You can arrange shopping at unfilled shops.

By the way, it’s much easier to make house cleaning when other family members do not interfere.

Constant stress

depresses the immune system. Sleep and physical activity are the foundation of good health. Use the day off to relax and recover.

Scientists from

University of Illinois

confirmed that constant work without breaks in entertainment greatly reduces the ability to concentrate and productivity .

Conversely, interruptions have a positive effect on these indicators.

First recommendation for those who want to regain their passion for work: take a break! This is an effective way, judging by many



How days of rest in the middle of the week will make your life better.

To rest the day justified your expectations, follow these simple tips:

  1. Get busy
    Perhaps this sounds strange, because the days of rest are designed to rest.

    But in reality, there are always things that we put off for the day off. Allocate time for them - for example, from 9 to 11 in the morning do the cleaning in the apartment or cook. But for the rest of the day you will be free to relax.

  2. Of course, move
    Physical activity is better than anything else to help you reboot. Strength training, jogging or even just a walk - any choice is right.

  3. Rest as you like
    Someone reboots from talking with friends, someone likes it more spending time alone with someone, someone is happy to watch their favorite TV shows. Choose what is right for you, and not what society advises.
  4. Eat
    If you indulge in unhealthy snacks at work, now is the time to fix it: at home you you can cook yourself whatever you want, and devote as much time to dinner as you need.
  5. Get ready for tomorrow
    Make your next business day a little nicer: think, than you will have breakfast, wash the dishes, prepare the clothes in advance. This will free you some valuable minutes for training camps and, as a result, improve your mood.

  6. Do not drink alcohol
    Alcohol is harmful in any quantities, about it we wrote more than once . And its use will nullify your attempts to reboot. As a result, the next day you will not feel too good. Is this what you wanted to get from your day of rest?
  7. Organize your pleasure
    Take a bath read a book, enjoy the moment. You don’t have to do it all day, but you can set aside at least half an hour for a lesson that makes you smile.

How days of rest in the middle of the week will make your life better.

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Have you tried to relax in the middle of the week? Did you like it?



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