How cycling makes a difference

Sitting all day in the office, without any physical activity, anyone will feel tired. You can and really need to cope with it - just start cycling. Read about how life with the advent of this two-wheeled miracle begins to play with new colors, read below (or by clicking on the link).

Someone goes to yoga or a workout at the gym, and someone likes to ride on rare bicycle paths in the city. As practice shows (and many


), cycling provides the necessary physical activity, relaxes and even makes the brain work.

How cycling makes a difference

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How cycling makes a difference

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Riding in the open air and exercising on a stationary bike in the gym are equally good for mental health. Moreover, all that is needed is a half-hour workout at an average pace per day to show the best result in mental activity and to feel better physically.

Scientists from the University of Illinois


that memory and the ability to solve extraordinary problems improves by 15-20% after six months of daily cycling.

In addition to other sports, cycling prevents premature aging (stimulates brain function), heart disease, and diabetes.

How cycling makes a difference

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Marina Bulakhova

connoisseur of bicycle paths in the Moscow Region

- I ride along my native Ramensky, along the ski-roller track. Taking this opportunity, I want to say that pedestrians who walk along it obscure the entire passage, cause injuries and do not even apologize or help. But I don’t shout it in their face, because when I’m on a bike or on rollers, I’m too good.

I experience a noticeable surge in endorphins. Ride - you look at yourself in the mirror with completely different eyes. Cycling helps build up the muscles of the legs and back, increases endurance, and sleep better from cycling. And also the bike helps to get to those places where you cannot reach on foot or by car.

Nastya Biluta

travels the streets of cities just on the bike

- I often have moments when my head is full of thoughts.

To get rid of them, I'm going to ride. This happens mainly in the evening, because I like to watch how the color of the sky changes. And it really helps me! As if when I am traveling, the wind carries my heavy thoughts with me.

Remember that when you ride a bicycle, you become a full participant in traffic - the same as pedestrians and motorists. This means that you also need to comply with traffic rules.

The most important requirement is to stay on the road as far as possible to the right and learn the “Give way” sign. To understand how it is NOT NECESSARY to behave on the road, watch this ingenious video. Its author is a two-time world champion, Norwegian Tour Hushovd. You can read more about traffic rules for cyclists here. Remember that many motorists do not expect to see you on the road.

That is why you need to be especially careful and careful.

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