How Chris Evans prepared for the role of Captain America

On May 3, the blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" was released at the Russian film distribution, in which Chris Evans played the role of Captain America for the sixth time. We tell how Chris turned into one of the central characters of the Marvel cinema universe.

With the transformation, Evans was helped by the famous Hollywood personal trainer Simon Waterson, who had previously put on the uniform of Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniel Craig, Holly Berry and Pierce Brosnan. According to Simon, Chris is rather thin by nature: " He was always active, went in for sports, but, like most guys, he was fixated on the development of pectoral muscles, the press and arms. In my program, I pay a lot of attention to exercises for the legs and buttocks - the largest muscle groups.

Remember: work on the lower body will inevitably transform the upper due to the increased hormonal response . "

How Chris Evans prepared for the role of Captain America

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- Preparations for the role of Captain America began three months before the start of filming the first film, says Evans. - The task was not easy: to gain 12 kilograms of muscle mass and reduce the level of subcutaneous fat to 10%.

Chris trained according to the program, the basis of which was “heavy” basic movements: deadlift, squats, vertical presses and bench presses on an inclined bench, pull-ups, push-ups on the uneven bars. At each lesson, Evans worked on two muscle groups, and then performed exercises for the press. In addition, Chris’s training plan included gymnastic and plyometric exercises. "Training with your own weight is much more interesting. I did acrobatic elements, jumping on a pedestal, somersaults - all that could help when shooting combat scenes, which sometimes dragged on for several hours.


Evans trained from Monday to Friday, rested on Saturday, and on Sunday, if he felt well, he trained again.

How Chris Evans prepared for the role of Captain America

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When in preparation for Avengers, Chris Evans didn't do cardio at all. All efforts were directed only to the recruitment and preservation of muscle mass.

Instead of cardio sessions, Evans did a roundabout: " I could run a few sprints, but nothing more. Just to make sure everything was fast and coordinated Circular trainings were included in the program only because they were more like the loads you face on the set. As a result, the functionality of the muscles was more important than the way they looked. My hero has to move a lot, jump, fight throw a shield.In my training plan there were no long running in ervalov or rowing, or exercise bike.

If I started doing cardio, all my muscles have disappeared. "

How Chris Evans prepared for the role of Captain America

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But the training plan of the actor, which he adhered to during the period of muscle mass gain. With minor changes, this three-day cycle was repeated twice a week.

Chest and shoulders (each exercise should be performed in two sets of five repetitions):

  • standing dumbbell bench press;
  • bench dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench;
  • tracers with weights (throwing weights up);
  • narrow grip bench press;
  • push-ups from the pedestal;
  • standing dumbbell bench press;
  • push-ups with additional weights.

Biceps and triceps (each exercise must be performed in three sets of eight repetitions):

  • reverse push-ups from the bench with additional weights;
  • draft of the kettlebell in the slope;
  • sitting bent arms with dumbbells ("hammer");
  • bending the arms in the crossover;
  • bending the arms with dumbbells sitting;
  • bending the arms with EZ-barbell standing.

Legs and back (each exercise must be performed in two sets of ten repetitions):

  • squats with a barbell on the back;
  • jumps on the pedestal;
  • deadlift;
  • pull-backs;
  • swing the kettlebell with one hand;
  • pull the sumo kettlebell to the chin ;
  • pull-ups with weights.

How Chris Evans prepared for the role of Captain America

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Everyone who at least once tried to gain muscle mass knows that training is only half the battle. It is also important to properly compose your diet.

Of course, Chris Evans didn’t forget about this either: "Between filming, I lost a lot of weight - in ordinary life I just don’t need so many muscles. But a few months before the shooting of the next Marvel project, it all started again: a tough diet, regular meals and the required two grams of protein per kilogram of weight. On the site constantly had to do something with a full stomach. "

According to Chris, the most difficult part of the preparation was nutrition. "I ate all the time.

It sounds nice if I were given cheeseburgers with cola. But instead, I ate tons of cooked rice and chicken breasts." The Evans diet included sports supplements: "I consumed glutamine, whey and casein protein and omega-3 with each meal for joint health - the training was very intense "

Thanks to nutrition and a well-organized training process for three months, Chris achieved an ideal figure for a superhero.



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