How charity and sport make the world a better place

On September 21, Sochi will host IRONSTAR triathlon competitions. There will also be a charity children's race. All the funds raised will be transferred to the Love Syndrome Foundation. We found out how the race and good deeds are combined.

In 2015, the charitable children's race - STARKIDS - entered the IRONSTAR triathlon competition program.

All received money goes to charity funds.

This year, the Love Syndrome Foundation, which helps people with Down Syndrome, became a partner of IRONSTAR. Foundation wards can receive services of speech therapists, psychologists, educators, and trainers. All this costs a lot of money, but without such activities it is much more difficult for a person with Down syndrome to live. The fund is actively raising funds, but there is another task - to talk about the life of people with Down syndrome to other people.

According to the director of IRONSTAR Andrey Kavun, the goals of charitable foundations and organizers of sporting events are often the same: they both want to draw public attention to their work.

- The purpose of IRONSTAR is to sports and triathlon began to engage as many people as possible. Collaboration with charitable foundations helps us with this. We carefully select the funds: we look at how long they exist, who is their ambassador, with which publications they interact. What is important is the mission of the foundation, its effectiveness and how targeted it helps people.

Next, we build a mutually beneficial model where we help the fund raise the maximum amount of money, and its employees make the maximum number of people find out about us. Subsequently, this audience begins to engage in sports, comes to competitions, stays with us and, including participating in new charity projects of the fund.

Partnership between the foundation and the event organizer is not just putting a box for fees at the start. Both sides are trying to make the event interesting - so that the motive to "make a donation" is not the only one to participate.

- And sport, and charity is two emotionally involving activities.

Often, athletes agree to participate in charity because they know how valuable positive emotions are. In addition, they seek additional incentives in charity. For example, for our Love Syndrome foundation, athletes run or swim at impressive distances, climb mountains. Along the way, they announce fees for programs to help people with Down syndrome. Such sports charity is popular all over the world and is now actively developing with us.

There are many sporting events, it’s easy to contact their organizers. Each of them wants to be sure that he is entering into a relationship with an honest and responsible charitable foundation. Moreover, most organizers expect that the fund will not only be the recipient of funds, but also partly a partner in the event. That is, in addition to his good name, he will invest something else in the organization of the event. For example, we help our partners organize children's entertainment on the site, find volunteers, invite our supporters to the starts and do other things.

An example of such cooperation is the summer IRONSTAR competition in Kazan, where the Love Syndrome organized a children's warm-up under the leadership of Leysan Zaripova, the only certified instructor in Russia with Down syndrome. According to the girl’s mother, for Leysan herself this was a very vivid impression.

The main thing for participants is to see the results of their charity work. The main thing for us is the opportunity to expand the circle of friends of the foundation who are ready to help people with Down syndrome.

- On Leysan was able to fully open the event, she was very happy, felt confidence in herself.

It is important for her to justify the hopes that other people have placed on her. Leysan loves the stage and public performances, this is a huge happiness for her. It is good that we are invited to such major events. We want to inspire all mothers of sunny children so that they do not give up, so that they know that nothing is impossible. Our children know everything, and Leysan is an example of this.

In the first joint children's race IRONSTAR and "Syndrome of Love" managed to collect 593 000 rubles. The plans for the next run in Sochi are even larger: the organizers hope to raise a million rubles. So much is needed to develop the project # swim, it helps children with Down syndrome from six regions of Russia to go in for swimming. The collected funds will be distributed among non-profit organizations in the regions, which will help wards to take part in competitions.

Register for IRONSTAR in Sochi, please follow this link.

And if you just want to help the Love Syndrome Foundation, go here.



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