How Anna Kournikova watches the figure: 4 iron rules

At the end of 2016, the famous tennis player Anna Kournikova became a mother. And at the beginning of this year, she published a video and aroused the enthusiasm of subscribers: Anna danced on a yacht and looked amazing. How the girl works on herself and what is the secret of her magnificent figure, we tell in our material.

Anna does not like diets, but considers balanced nutrition the basis of everything. She does not limit herself in food and does not count calories, but prefers vegetables and fruits to other products.

Her morning begins with a glass of water or a green apple. Breakfast usually consists of oatmeal or yogurt with berries and soy milk. Lunch and dinner are salads and protein: fish, shrimp, chicken. A snack can be any fruit or avocado.

Anna recommends keeping more healthy foods in the refrigerator.

When you see healthy food around you, subconsciously you will want to “eat” a healthy product. Kournikova admits that there are "McDonald's days" in her diet, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

- It is important to find what is right for you. I do not want to invent a forbidden fruit for myself. I love and eat pizza, but in moderation.

Anna trains every day and does not see herself without regular classes . Jogging 5-6 kilometers, jumping rope, yoga classes are constantly present in her life. No matter how the day develops, she always finds 30-40 minutes for physical activity. In her opinion, a sports bra and good sneakers are what every woman needs for beauty.

- I love to train and sweat during training - this is a clear result of classes.

For me, exercise is definitely a matter of health. And it perfectly relieves stress. I get on the treadmill while reading a magazine or listening to music - and I feel like letting go of unnecessary energy.

Tennis remains in Anna's life until now. The girl is faithful to the courts and receives real pleasure from the game.

One of the advantages of this hobby: more than 500 calories are burned per hour. This is an excellent aerobic load.

- I grew up in the Soviet Union when there were no gyms, not to mention a treadmill. We worked with what was. Start at least with jumping rope - jump ten minutes a day.

Kournikova has such iron willpower that sometimes she has to force yourself to relax a bit. Anna calls herself overly binding. Perhaps this was played by the parents, who, according to her, accustomed the girl to the army order.

- Ten days is the longest period during which I have not trained. This was during a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009.

But even then, I still had to run down the street.

Anna’s iron discipline is confirmed by her Instagram: sometimes for a full-fledged training a girl just needs to take a rug or a regular chair. She does not look for excuses not to go to the gym, she finds every opportunity to work on herself here and now.

- In order for something to work out, you can’t lie on the couch and wait for something.

Anna got used to heavy physical exertion, but it did not stop try something new for her.

A girl always strives to become better and improve in what she does. Of course, a sporty character helps her a lot.

- I tried Pilates. At first it was strange and unusual. I used to jump, run, do squats, push ups.

It took me a year to get used to.

Still Anna is engaged in yoga, but without fanaticism. The athlete likes to run with her dog or just walk. At home, she practices on a treadmill, working out with dumbbells and a fitball. Anna Kournikova prefers independent classes to coaches - she likes to “disconnect” in the process.

- When I do not want to go to the gym, I create a workout “on the machine” and I can turn the usual routine work into a useful physical load.



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