How a nutritionist helped to become Harry Kane one of the best football players on the planet

After the European Championship 2016 failed for England, Harry realized that it was time to change something: “ Somehow, the thought suddenly crept into my head that the football career was very fleeting, so you need to get the most out of every day. But you can’t always train to the limit of opportunities. Especially when you have to play several matches a week. You need to look for ways to quickly recover between games. I didn’t think that changes in nutrition would help me that way.


A year ago, Kane met a nutritionist, whose name he keeps secret. " This guy explained how certain foods affect my body. I literally opened my eyes. I always ate right, chose natural and wholesome foods, but that turned out to be not enough - you still need to eat at a strictly defined time. So the set of products remained the same, with one exception: fish and omega-3" were added to the diet.

Harry says that now his diet is the perfect combination of protein foods, vegetables and fruits: " For breakfast, I eat scrambled eggs, a couple of toasts and spinach. For lunch "Chicken fillet with broccoli and asparagus. My dinner consists of steak or fish with vegetables, sweet potatoes or brown rice. Between the main meals, I snack on nuts, seeds, fruits and Greek yogurt. I keep this diet all the time, even when I'm in my wife and I go to a restaurant on trips or on weekends, I just know that if I drink or eat something wrong, it’s going to be harder, and my manager isn’t too happy.


From the beginning of 2017, the nutritionist was at Kane’s house from Monday to Saturday, explaining to Harry and his wife the intricacies of food and helping with the preparation of dishes. “I immediately felt relieved,” the footballer says. “We played on Saturday, Wednesday, and then again on Saturday, the loads are enormous. Therefore, when preparing for the next match, all available means were used: ice baths, contrast shower, stretching, nutrition "Last season I injured my ankle twice. The second time was just the time I worked with a personal nutritionist.

Doctors said that it would take at least eight weeks to recover, but thanks to the nutrition, I returned to full training after four weeks."

Diet, training, regimen - all for the sake of one goal: Harry wants to become the best football player.

- I look at players like Messi and Ronaldo - they are consistent in everything they do. Therefore, they perform at such an incredible level. But I have one obvious weakness that can prevent me from becoming a great football player - this is an apple pie.

I just can't resist it.

"Actually, Harry is a role model," says Gareth Southgate, England head coach. "He is disciplined and tries to become the best in everything: be it a technical element or some kind of everyday habit. Kane is exactly the player that the team needs, a leader who is inspired and who wants to go. "



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