"Holy Spring" released a series of cartoons about the unknown properties of water

Not everyone knows that drinking is an essential component of a healthy life. Caring for the drinking regimen is one of the areas that are given special attention in the "Holy Spring". Not only children, but also adults forget to regularly drink the necessary amount of water. To remedy this situation, the brand decided to launch a healthy lifestyle project for Internet users.

"You Won't Believe the Consequences" - a joint project with Fedor Comix.

Seven artists of the studio created five videos about the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle. Each video has its own genre: the creators used anime, silhouette animation and other directions.

Each hero of the project is a collective image. They accustomed themselves to drink water regularly, replaced other drinks with it, and noticed changes in life. Heroes felt a change in appearance, an influx of strength and energy, became more enduring during training.

The videos talk about how to develop mental abilities , preserve

the beauty



and be more successful.

You can watch the series of clips “You won’t believe the consequences” and calculate the daily water rate at





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