Herbalife and Cristiano Ronaldo extended the contract until 2021

Herbalife is one of the first large corporations in the healthy lifestyle industry. The company sponsors nearly 200 athletes and teams, supports about 150 sporting events around the world. In 2013, Herbalife created a specialized drink that is suitable for athletes of all levels. The product was developed in accordance with the needs of one of the best football players in the world - Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hypotonic drink CR7 Drive is suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness and any kind of activity: fitness, swimming, cycling or long walks.

This drink makes up for the fluid lost by the body faster than regular water. With increased sweating, there is a decrease in the level of electrolytes in the blood, so sodium, potassium and magnesium are part of the CR7 Drive. They replace the functions of electrolytes and maintain an optimal acid-base balance of the blood.

The drink consists of fast and slow carbohydrates: glucose, maltodextrin and fructose, which contribute to increased endurance during exercise. One serving contains less carbohydrates than a banana.

The B vitamins included in the composition (B1 and B12) contribute to effective metabolism.

CR7 Drive does not contain artificial sweeteners and has a light refreshing taste. In its production, only natural dyes are used: purple carrots and grapes.



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