Healthy Eating: Healthy Snacks That You Can Buy At The Store

Do you know the situation when, after an hour and a half wandering around the supermarket, it turns out at home that you still forgot to buy something? We think that we are familiar. Despite the efforts of the merchandisers, the necessary goods are often placed throughout the room so that it is quite difficult to find them yourself - without the help of a store employee. Most often, adherents of a healthy lifestyle suffer from this, because finding a healthy product among shelves with sweets and other temptations is a real test. Moreover, you do not always expect to find them in a regular supermarket - without the labels "eco", "vegan" and "organic". Most people completely avoid such markings - after all, not everyone is ready to leave half their salaries in a fashion store.

Fortunately, we found in the Perekrestok supermarket special racks with “healthy snack” signs. On these racks all the necessary products for a nutritious and balanced snack are collected. Crispbread, candy bars, granola, dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits, churchkhela, fruit pita bread, natural fruit pastilles, chestnuts and baked lotus fruits, handmade sweets and sweets - you no longer need to spend time looking for them throughout the store. Everything is at hand.

By the way, the value of snacks is often underestimated.

Since childhood, we were taught that proper nutrition is three meals a day, but recent studies have shown that eating better often, but in small portions. Ideally, your daily diet should consist of five meals: three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two snacks. Recommended intervals between meals - two to three hours. It turns out that snacks most often "catch" us outside the house - it is far from always possible to get the maximum benefit from these meals. People start eating according to the principle of fractional nutrition and only gain weight - all because they choose chocolates, butter biscuits and sweet bars as snacks.

Of course, this kind of food is easier to find, it literally lies in wait at every step - at the negotiations, in the office cabinet, even in beauty salons, sweets or cakes are offered for a cup of tea. But what if you try to change this bad habit and learn how to snack with health benefits? In addition, now it’s very simple to do this - just go to the supermarket near your home or office, go to the “healthy snack” rack and choose the right products that the nutrition experts have selected for you.

Of course, when we are in a hurry, there is no time to think about the benefits. The first thing that comes to mind as a snack is a quick sandwich. We hasten to please you: even the most ordinary sandwich can be beneficial.

It is only necessary to replace the usual bun with delicious bread from germinated seeds. For example, Russian-made linen cakes SLICES are ideal for a snack - they contain few calories and comply with the principles of vegetarian and raw food diet. And they will easily, without loss of taste, replace you with yeast bread. These breads are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is a great option for picnics and walks, school snacks and snacks.

There is an option for every taste: dill and tomato, sweet onions, vegetable mix and spicy basil. There are also sweet versions - coconut dessert and apple strudel.

Healthy Eating: Healthy Snacks That You Can Buy At The Store

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Missing the sea? Try Nori Seaweed Chips. According to statistics, every second resident of the metropolis suffers from a lack of iodine, in addition, Russia is among the countries in which the use of iodine-containing products is much lower than normal.

You can fill the deficit without pills - just include more fish and seafood in your diet. However, there is a more affordable way - seaweed. In their traditional form, not everyone will like it, but manufacturers have come up with an interesting way of cooking - eco-chips are dried at a temperature of no higher than 42 degrees (which allows you to save all the useful vitamins and minerals). Nori with onions, nori with tomatoes and oregano, nori with paprika - choose what you like best.

And for lovers of sweets on the shelves of the “Crossroads” you can now find churchkhela - a treat, familiar to many from childhood.

It is usually cooked in Georgia, Armenia and other warm countries. Like any other sweet with nuts, churkhela is a very high-calorie dish. However, the calories in it will benefit you, because the nuts in churchkhela will fill the body's need for healthy fats and vegetable proteins.

In order to learn how to plan meals on your own throughout the day, it is important to remember that an ideal snack consists of three components:

  • light vegetable proteins;
  • fats;
  • complex carbohydrates.

It is this combination that gives the greatest amount of energy and helps to maintain strength throughout the day.

Healthy Eating: Healthy Snacks That You Can Buy At The Store

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One of these perfectly balanced snacks was the Russian-made Bite bars. This is a tasty and healthy snack, which consists of selected nuts, seeds and dried fruits. No sugar, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, gluten, milk or soy. This snack is extremely rich in protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants.

What is important, there are no syrups and flavor enhancers in the composition, the product is one hundred percent natural and is suitable even for the most fastidious vegetarians and vegans.

The “heroes” of this campaign — special green stickers — will help you navigate the store. If you prefer only organic products, you need to find products with a sticker in the form of a pear ("IS ORGANIC"). If you are a vegan and you are looking for a completely herbal composition, choose products with a sticker in the form of beets ("THERE IS A VEGAN"). Well, if you play a lot of sports and watch your diet, then your choice is products with a sticker in the form of a kettlebell ("IS AND BE IN FORM").

Following the shelves “healthy snack” in the supermarket chain “Crossroads” will be highlighted products labeled “gluten free”. As a large supermarket chain, Perekrestok provides customers with the opportunity to purchase healthy products at the lowest prices, which in turn makes the popular healthy lifestyle culture accessible to everyone.

By the way, in the Crossroads such products can be bought cheaper than in small eco-markets, which, in turn, makes the popular healthy lifestyle culture accessible to everyone.

Healthy Eating: Healthy Snacks That You Can Buy At The Store

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