Hand breeding in the simulator (reverse breeding) technique

Arm extension in the simulator (reverse dilutions) is an insulating exercise for the deltoid muscles, similar in mechanics to swinging dumbbell swinging machines. The peculiarity of the exercise is the ability to rest the torso in the bench of the simulator, due to which there is a qualitative study of muscles - the body loses the ability to swing.

Working muscles and grip methods

Reverse dilutions directly affect the deltoid muscles (namely, the posterior bundles). Additionally included:

  • trapezius muscle;
  • rhomboid.

Hand breeding in the simulator (reverse breeding) technique

Reverse dilutions in the simulator can be performed using various grip options:

  • classic, the most common type of grip - when the palms are on the vertical arms of the simulator opposite each other, and the thumbs are directed to the ceiling;
  • the other type of grip is the opposite of the classical one - the hands are facing each other the back, the thumbs are facing the floor, the grip is carried out by the vertical handles;
  • the last version of the grip is specific, since at most five simulators no handle grips for this type - the grip is carried by the handles, which are arranged horizontally, thumbs pointing at each other and the palm facing down.

Starting position

Before proceeding to the exercises for raising hands, you will need to adjust some parameters of the simulator. Adjust it so that, while in a relaxed state, your hands on the handles are located approximately shoulder width apart. With full abduction of the hands, they should be almost straight and as parallel to the floor as possible.

Hand breeding in the simulator (reverse breeding) technique

Immediately during the exercise, monitor the location of your own body: the chest should be firmly pressed to the back of the simulator, the body is located strictly perpendicular to the floor, the back has a slight deflection in the lumbar region, arms straight, palms are located opposite each other. Before starting a hand-raising exercise in the simulator, slightly move the handles apart to slightly raise the weight from the stops.


Before you lift the load, take a deep breath and hold your breath for a while. Then, sensing the tension of the rear deltas, spread the arms as far back as possible. Make sure your elbows move beyond the plane of your back. If you want to maximize the load on the deltoid muscles and turn off the trapezoid, try to turn your shoulders forward.

At the time when the arms reach the maximum possible abduction, hold them briefly in this position, while continuing to maintain muscle tension, then you can exhale and return to the starting position.

Then linger in the starting position for a second and continue to do repetitions of the exercise.

Some simulators are designed in such a way that it is not possible to perform reverse dilutions with fully straight arms, therefore, execution with slightly bent arms is allowed. The main condition is the immobility of the elbow joint - when carrying out the dilution, it should not move.


To facilitate the work when performing the exercise on the abduction of hands, you need to imagine that you do not take back the handle of the simulator, but your own elbows. Thus, it will be possible to exclude the hands from the work and to use more precisely the target muscles.

The body should be as stationary as possible during the exercise, try to fix it in one position. This will provide greater execution efficiency and security for you. When doing hand breeding, a more powerful effort will allow proper breathing.

For the maximum inclusion in the work of the deltoid muscles, try to take your elbows behind your back during the exercise to the maximum. If you cannot do this, this means that you need to slightly reduce the weight of the projectile or to develop greater flexibility in the shoulder joints.



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