Hack squats in a Gackenschmidt machine - technique, mistakes

Hack squats in a Gackenschmidt machine - technique, mistakes

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Once upon a time there was one outstanding Russian wrestler named Gakkenshmidt.

Thanks to his developments, we can now squat in the Hack machine. This is an excellent simulator that allows you to load the legs and buttocks without classic squats. With it, you can perform leg press and hack squats.

Why squat in the simulator

  1. If you have not squatted with a barbell before, then squats Gakkenshmidta - a convenient and easy option. The reason is simple - your back is not ready to hold the bar, but will calmly cope if you leave the entire load on your legs.

    And lean the back against the back of the simulator.

  2. If you have a sore back. In this case, squats in the simulator will remove the load from the vulnerable lower back. Unfortunately, if your knees hurt, then such an exercise will be painful and dangerous, we will talk about this later.
  3. Due to the fact that you are standing steady in the simulator, you can change the position of the legs in any convenient way.

    So, you can work out different parts of the leg muscles.

Hack squats in a Gackenschmidt machine - technique, mistakes

Advantages over the classic squat

  1. No need to use a partner to secure. At the bottom point, if you can’t get up, you’ll always have stubs at your fingertips to reduce the weight stroke in the simulator. Thus, you can install them and get out of the bar without the risk that you will be pressed by weight.
  2. All the load falls on the legs.

    It is good for isolated exercises and impractical for basic ones. In the case of classic squats, the whole body works to maintain balance at each point of movement.

  3. You will not fall. You have nowhere to fall. Hands you hold on to the shoulders, and the pelvis is pressed to the back of the simulator.

  4. No need to hold the barbell on your shoulders. In this case, you stand under the soft shoulders. Ideal for girls who are afraid of bruises.

Features of the simulator

No need to confuse Gakk squat and leg press. Although both exercises are often done in one simulator.

Usually such a simulator is a transformer. Not everyone knows that it can be easily and quickly converted to a squat.


  1. After the warm-up (squats without weight, joint development), hang the minimum working weight in the Hack simulator.
  2. With your back and pelvis, press against the back of the simulator. Hands hold the shoulders between which your head should be.

  3. Allowed to do Huck squats only with his back to the simulator! So-called back squats are not allowed. Such a pose is perfect for pumping calves, but not legs (you have nowhere to put your knees - not every machine will allow you to do this). Keep your head straight, in the lower back a natural deflection.
  4. Exhaled. Slowly go down to the desired point, breathing in the air.

    You can lower yourself to the parallel with the simulator platform and beyond it. More often recommended to do deep squats. If you notice knee pain, it’s best not to do a deep squat. We leave a couple of centimeters to the parallel and rise.

  5. We rise on the exhale.

    Above is not recommended to take a break, immediately continue the exercise. Repeat the desired number of times and rest.

Pay attention to:

  1. Knees. They should look in the same direction as the feet. That is a little to the side.

  2. And again, knees. Make sure that they do not go forward for the socks. It’s better for a partner to watch you from the side while you do Huck squats on the simulator. He will notice if something is wrong.
  3. The pelvis should not come off the back of the simulator.

  4. We stand on the whole foot. On the Internet you can find information that Tom Platz squatted on toes. Better not check on yourself! The support should fall on the heel, and the toe provides stability to the foot. Squat on the socks (and make a big mistake) those whose Achilles tendon is not stretched enough to allow you to sit on your whole foot. Therefore, they remain on their toes even squatting.

    They cannot do otherwise. Such a phenomenon can be found, for example, among skiers. Squatting is not recommended in this case (it is better to replace the squat with a leg press).

  5. Wear an athletic belt when working with large weights. Remember, a belt is needed in order to protect your internal organs from injuries.

  6. The most important thing to pay attention to! The push is always on the heels! You are repelled by them. Not with socks, not with something else, but with your heel!

Which gives us a different position of the feet

The platform on which you get up when doing hack squats, has a rectangular shape. You can place your legs in 4 ways:

  1. The legs are next to each other.
  2. Widely spaced.
  3. The feet are at the bottom edge of the platform.

  4. And on the top edge.

Best of all, this diversity fits into the leg press. You can squat in the Hack machine with your feet on the inside edge of the pad, but your knees will go forward and your pelvis will follow. It will not work to comply with the correct technique. And under heavy weight there is a high risk of injury, as there will be no structural rigidity (the pelvis "walks").

Therefore, when performing the Huck, squats should be placed either on the outer edge of the platform, or in the middle.

When you lean on the outer edge, the load on the flexors of the legs and buttocks increases. Girls, this is just for you! Legs nearby - the load is focused on the front of the quadriceps femoris. The legs are wide - on the side and inside. When you put your legs in the middle of the platform, then distribute the effort to all the muscles of the thigh.

For beginners, we recommend starting the Huck squat from such a universal position, when the legs are shoulder-width apart and the feet are on the midline of the support platform.

Frequent mistakes and how to avoid them

When you do Huck squats, the load goes to the muscles and joints of the legs. The most vulnerable leg joints are the knees. Therefore, it is important not to make mistakes, which we will now talk about:

  1. The knees look inward. You have no idea what the knees feel at that moment.

    You can easily break the ligament, damage the cartilage. Therefore, the knees are turned to the sides. It is advisable that they are oriented in the same way as the feet.

  2. When performing the exercise, the pelvis "walks". You can earn an intervertebral hernia.

    Press the buttocks against the back.

  3. Head down or up. The spine should be flat, with all natural bends. So it is the strongest and will be able to withstand heavy loads without harm to you. When performing Huck squats, the load on the spine is less than with the classic version, but still there.

  4. We fall on the inhale, rise on the exhale. Maximum load occurs at the time of filling your lungs. This is fraught with a sharp increase in pressure in them. Of course, it’s unlikely to reach the break (you don’t squat in Gakka 300 kg, and who squats, he breathes correctly), but you will harm the body. Remember that we stand on the exhale.

    And no other way.

  5. When we sit under weight, the heels come off the platform. If this is due to your stretching, do not squat until you are stretched to the right degree. If this is a feature of the body, and no matter how you stretch, there is no sense - use the leg press.
  6. Sneakers.

    It is unacceptable to squat in sneakers with high and soft soles. It’s best to wear “weights” and gym shoes, which are always closed. No slates, slippers. Shoes should be stiff and with a thin sole so that the foot is stable even under heavy weight.

Possible problems, their solutions during and after the execution

If you follow the technique of the exercise, get warm, but any problems appear, read this section!

  1. Not everyone knows that he has flat feet on his feet.

    If you have seriously decided to do squats - check and order yourself special insoles for classes. It is important.

  2. My knees hurt. Try wrapping them with elastic bandages. Do not over tighten.

    If the pain has passed - do bandages. If not, try spreading the knees with warming ointment and wrapping them with bandages in the same way.

  3. If your back hurts, put on an orthopedic belt and do Huck squats in it. Between sets, just loosen it.
  4. You cannot perform even one repeat in the correct technique.

    In this case, remove all the pancakes from the Hack machine and practice the technique. When you can do everything right without weight, begin to gradually increase it. And if you notice that problems have begun again, it means that you are growing working weights too quickly. The body does not keep up with you.

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Hack squats in a Gackenschmidt machine - technique, mistakes

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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