Gym Workout Program

The training program in the gym for men differs from the female version in high load and power bias. Programs for girls most often pursue the goal of losing weight, and the training program for men sets the task of increasing strength and gaining mass.

Approaches to creating training programs

Today is the century of free information. Everything can be found on social networks and other open sources. Today, few people ask the questions that interest him to truly experienced and competent specialists in these matters.

The easiest way is to find the answer on the Internet and choose one of the options yourself. Men's training is no exception.

On the Internet you can find many different programs, ranging from "how to increase biceps in a week" and ending with "lose weight in 3 days." It is clear that such programs are designed to simply attract attention and this is not male training. For a week you can’t increase biceps by training, just as you will not lose weight in 3 days due to cardio.

Of course, there are a number of good quality programs that have been compiled for someone individually and then posted on the Internet. They are not always useful for us, as they were created for someone else, taking into account the characteristics of precisely his body.

We need a program that will take into account:

  1. Our health.
  2. Our preferences.
  3. Our abilities, physique, physiological features.

Only point 2 can be summarized - since many have similar questions and goals (for example, how to pump a beautiful body for a man, increase body weight, gain muscle).

But health and physiological abilities at a particular point in time are different for everyone. Therefore, I note that the following programs are a generalization. They will certainly be useful, but their effectiveness will not be as high as with an individual approach. However, it is quite possible to start with a generalized program, subsequently adjusting it for yourself taking into account your own needs.

After all, a beginner often does not imagine what his body is capable of.

When creating an advanced training program in the gym for men, you need to use an individual approach, considering the student as special, unlike anyone else. Using this approach, it is possible to conduct effective strength training for men.

The first program for beginners

Before you engage in the direction of achieving your desired goal, you need to test your capabilities, understand the level of preparation.

This is not about basic exercises, although you will need to do a bench press from the base.

This is done through a test program designed for a month. Working weights must be constantly adjusted, the coach should not leave the beginner unattended.

In the first month, it is likely that you will be able to gain a little weight, become more inflated than you were. It turns out that the test program also gives a small anabolic effect.

Squat and deadlift cannot be included in the test program, as the muscles of the inexperienced guy in the gym are not ready for such work.

On the first day, you can enter the bench press, figuring out how much the guy can squeeze for 8-10 times in his first lesson.

Another nuance of the test program - the first three workouts in each exercise should be no more than two approaches.

This may look like a version of the test training program for men (if the number of approaches and repetitions is not indicated, then everything is done 2x10):

Day 1:

  1. Cardio 10 minutes on an exercise bike or treadmill.
  2. The bench press lying in 2 sets of 8-10 times.
  3. Pullover lying on a bench with dumbbells.

  4. Breeding dumbbells on a bench parallel to the floor, as many repetitions.
  5. Raising the legs in the hang on the press.

Day 2:

  1. 10 minutes on a treadmill or exercise bike.
  2. We press legs twice 10 times.
  3. Bend your legs in the simulator.

  4. Extend your legs while sitting in the simulator.
  5. We make calf lifts in the simulator or in Smith, the Hack machine.
  6. We do twisting, lying on the floor, legs are thrown on the bench, knees are looking at the ceiling.

Day 3:

  1. Hyperextension.
  2. Head pull in block simulator.

  3. Thrust to the lower back in the block simulator.
  4. Extension of arms in a block frame.
  5. Lifting the barbell for biceps.
  6. Cardio 10 minutes and stretching.

The first week everything is done just like that, then the third approach is added and during the month the working weights gradually increase.

In the third week on the first day 1 lunges with dumbbells are added. In the third - the breeding of hands with dumbbells through the sides, and in the second draft of the bar to the chin. At first, all these exercises are done the same way in 2 approaches.

On the fourth week, on the first day, squats with an empty bar in two sets are added 10 times under the close supervision of the trainer. You should learn to squat properly this week.

Competent male training in the beginner's hall is nothing without the right selection of weights. No complex strength training for men without an adequate choice of working weight will not give a good result. This is another role of a personal trainer: to help you choose an effective weight. Only an experienced athlete can do this for himself.

The work of the trainer is to teach the technique of exercise, to follow the correct execution, on the basis of what he saw, solve the problem of weight selection, adjust the program every day, if necessary.

In the first month, you must learn the basics of the bench press, squats, strengthen muscles for other exercises and work with heavier weights. There is also a strength training program for men. In the second month, you can begin to try the deadlift with an empty bar for honing equipment.

For those who are not the first month in the hall

I hope you already know the technique of performing many exercises, have achieved some results, both in strength and in external terms.Let your biceps increase by 1 cm compared to what it was - this is the result.

Gym Workout Program

Now you can already set specific goals and conduct training in the gym to gain muscle mass and to increase strength indicators.

The lesson option may look like this (if the number of approaches and repetitions is not indicated, do 2x10):

Day 1:

  1. Cardio 5-10 minutes (optional exercise bike or treadmill).
  2. We press the barbell while lying down. We do 4 sets in 6-8 reps.
  3. We press the dumbbells, lying at an angle of 30 degrees 3 sets in 8 repetitions.

  4. We press the bar upside down at a slope of 30 degrees, the same number of repetitions.
  5. Reduction of arms in a crossover (3x8).
  6. French bench press (3x8).
  7. Extension of arms on the block (3x10).
  8. Any 2 abs exercises, 2 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Day 2:

  1. Cardio.
  2. We squat with a bar 4 sets in 6-8 reps (not counting the warm-up approaches).
  3. Lunges with dumbbells.
  4. Bend your legs in the simulator.
  5. Caviar exercises.

  6. Pull the lower block to the chin (or bar instead of block).
  7. Arnold's bench press with dumbbells.
  8. Breeding dumbbells through the sides.

Day 3:

  1. Cardio.
  2. Hyperextension, we do 2 approaches, each with 15 repetitions.

  3. Deadlift 4 sets of 6 reps.
  4. Hyperextension 15 times slowly with a delay at the highest point.
  5. Pull the bar in an inclination (3x8).
  6. Pull the top block (3x8).
  7. Pull the bottom block (3x10).

  8. Lifting the barbell to the biceps (3x8).
  9. Hammer or bending of arms with dumbbells (3x10).

This training plan is aimed at simultaneously gaining mass and increasing strength.

Different goals - different programs?

Men's training for weight gain can be exactly the same as for increasing strength, as one develops in parallel with the second. Your mass will grow after the power, and power after the mass.

Another question is fat burning - here strength training and exercises for weight gain are not quite suitable here.

Thus, weight loss and weight gain programs for men will vary. But strength training for men will be very similar to mass. More often they are the same (a conditional division of the number of repetitions by 3-6, 6-12, 12 and more is really arbitrary for this case, since both mass and strength grow by 3, 6, 10 repetitions).

How to gain weight without excess calories? No training plan in this case will help - the body has nothing to build muscle from.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide the body with building material.

In fact, quite a lot of people come up to the trainer with the only question: "why do not my muscles grow, how to gain muscle mass?". They work with normal weights, press under 100 and pull more than 100 kg, and the mass stands still. Having lost their patience, they run to try various undesirable methods that allow you to get a quick and very short-term result.Then they all abandon themselves, inflicting great harm on themselves.

Gym Workout Program

In most cases, the answer is simple. Calculate the amount of BJU that you consume per day. You will see that there is little protein. And if you sit on protein-rich foods for a couple of months and continue to work hard, the people around you will notice the results.

There are also difficult cases when the physiology of the body is so peculiar that it reacts poorly to strength training.

Testosterone levels practically do not fluctuate from loads, the mass does not change in any way. It happens. But you should not immediately attribute yourself to this category until you try to sit on a competent diet for a couple of months.

And it also happens that we do not see external changes, because we contemplate ourselves in the mirror daily. Believe me, if you come to loved ones once a month, for example, they will notice the difference.

Supersets and circular training

Any program is not eternal, it is advisable to change it once every 2-3 months. You can use the following information to make your training program more diverse.

Superset - these are several exercises that are performed without interruption. Superset can be performed for synergist muscles and antagonists. For example, the alternation of bending the arms with a barbell and extending the arms on the block is a superset for antagonists.

And the bench press lying and the rearing of hands with dumbbells - for synergists.

Supersets help to overcome the upper power thresholds, increase endurance. They are effective when you reach a plateau, when you need to create shock loads.

Circular training is a large number of exercises for different muscle groups that are performed one after another with a very short break. The number of repetitions here is 15 or more, it is desirable to carry out the approach in 20-40 seconds.

This option is very debilitating and well suited for creating relief, burning fat.

Unlike supersets, it’s better to work in simulators. You can include a circular option in your program once a week.



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