Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts

Gym - a room equipped with equipment (simulators) for bodybuilding. The gym is not adapted for group games because of the size (most often the halls do not have a large area and are occupied by various simulators).

The gym does not have a clear definition, and is not necessary, because everything is clear already. In general, this is a ventilated room, sometimes several floors, with the division of zones (occupations):

1. Cardio zone - Zone of cardiological exercises.

In this area there are usually many women. In the Cardio zone there are treadmills, step simulators, exercise bikes, simulators that simulate skiing. But in general - fat-burning and musculoskeletal simulators.

2. Force zone - The location of weight training equipment, block devices, dumbbells, barbells and so on .

.. This area is mostly filled with men.

3. Boxing Area - territory with a punching bag and gloves.

Although not in all rooms there is such a zone, however, it is not uncommon.

As was said at the beginning, the gym is a small room. In the hall there is stuffiness and persistent smell of sweat, knocking of pancakes, iron. It is in such places that a real male body is built. The middle name of the gym is rocking.

Summing up the gym, we can name it briefly: a great place, with everything you need, for those who want to get a beautiful figure, toned body; lose weight lines, build muscle.

Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts>4>

Fitness club

A large number of people believe that the fitness club is a gym. No, this is not entirely true.

Fitness club - a place that includes a gym, as well as a swimming pool, aerobics rooms, dance programs, group programs, yoga, martial arts rooms and various other sports areas. Each fitness club has its own set of such gyms.

The goal of fitness clubs is to increase public interest in sports, improve the physical characteristics of a person, and improve cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts

Rules of conduct in the gym

Each hall has rules of conduct. They are designed to provide students with comfortable training, performance and safety. Everything is simple:

1. Return the inventory to the proper place

Pick up a workplace in the hall, because no one wants to do it for you, and not everyone can remove the big pancakes for you.

Show respect for the person walking after you on the simulator.

2. Do not throw weights

When throwing a heavy barbell on the floor, there is the possibility of injuring yourself, or injuring a person who was passing by nearby. It is also regarded as drawing attention to oneself. Lower the bar carefully to the floor.

Throwing is allowed only if otherwise it threatens you with personal injury.

3. Choose the right clothes for your workout

Dress in a way that is comfortable for you and others.For example, training without a T-shirt is a bad manner, because no one wants to lie on a sweaty bench after you. Here you do not need to demonstrate your inflated torso.

A simple t-shirt and sweatpants (shorts) are great. However, sneakers must be carefully selected. Shoes should have a firm sole with a slight heel lift and high.

4. Wipe the sweat

Bring a towel with you to the gym to wipe the equipment and bench after you.

Because no one wants to contact the sweat of another person.

5. Keep your distance from other students

Try not to disturb the personal space of a person or his workspace. Do not block the reflection of the student in the mirror, perhaps a person is watching his technique.


Use interchangeable shoes

Always carry interchangeable shoes to prevent dust formation.

Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts

Personal hygiene

You should always monitor your own hygiene and the place in which you practice. Below are 6 rules that will help you maximize the level of personal hygiene:

1. Take a shower

Take a shower before and after training. A pre-workout shower will improve your skin’s breathing and help improve your workout efficiency.

And after training, flush sweat and bacteria from the room. Also, do not forget to clean clothes for training.

2. Use less perfumes and deodorants

Respect the friends in the room, do not use deodorant before training. A mashed and warmed body enhances the smell.

If everyone used deodorants before training, then it would be impossible to be in the hall.

3. Use a towel

Wipe yourself with a towel and wipe the equipment on which you lie down or sit down. Wipe the weights you use.


Have a water bottle

Always carry your water bottle so you don’t have to use someone else’s, as this is extremely unhygienic.

5. Do not touch your face

The most common case of personal hygiene is touching your face with dirty hands. The less you do this after using the projectile, the better it will be for you.


Use hygiene when taking a shower in the gym

Never forget slippers at home, as it is possible to pick up a foot fungus. And in the sauna do not hesitate to lay your towel on the bench.

Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts

Shoes and clothes

No less important is the selection of clothes and shoes in the gym, because not all of them fit here.

Shoes must be carefully chosen. Sneakers should have a solid sole with a slight heel lift and high.

Be sure to have a closed surface that can protect against the disc falling onto the foot. Good shoes should hold the foot and joint in order to avoid injury. Shoes should be comfortable and safe.

Clothing should also be comfortable for you.To train without a T-shirt is a bad manner, because no one wants to lie down on a sweaty bench after you.

A simple t-shirt and sweatpants (shorts) are great.

Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts

Gyms for girls

There is a myth about pumping a woman’s body to the likeness of a man’s from regular classes in the gym. But this is not true, and the myth has long been dispelled. The increase in muscle mass in men is due to the presence of a large amount of testosterone in the blood.

A woman’s natural characteristics of the body will not allow her to become like a man in this regard.

The gym will help the girl remove the accumulated fat and develop elastic muscles.

By nature, female hormones tend to accumulate subcutaneous fat. This feature saddens the beautiful half, who tries to create a good figure and get rid of excess fat. Without muscles, the body will look like skin and bones, so the gym is important in the life of every girl striving for her beauty standard!

Gym - Temple of heavy sports enthusiasts



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