Gwyneth Paltrow: "I cook like a real Jewish mother, and then I train five times a week"

Katya Kulinicheva tells the story of Gwyneth Paltrow, the Hollywood star and the winner of the Oscar, who, closer to forty years old, was retrained as an expert in a healthy lifestyle, detox and cooking - and she does not regret it at all.

We no longer perceive Gwyneth Paltrow solely as an actress. Partly because in recent years, after the birth of children, she is removed much less than before. Over the past five to six years, you can recall Piper Potts in Iron Man and Avengers, the unfaithful wife in Stephen Soderberg's Infestation, and a striking appearance on the Glee series. Perhaps even “Mordecai” with Johnny Depp.

Much more informational reasons are provided by the entrepreneurial activity of the 43-year-old movie star in the field of wellness and well-being.

The status of the guru of a healthy lifestyle was given to Paltrow more difficult than a career in the cinema. Gwyneth, the daughter of successful actress Blythe Denner and famous producer Bruce Paltrow, appeared on stage at age 18, in the same play with her mother. And so astounded her parents that they supported her intention to go to the acting profession instead of college. Success came to her pretty quickly: she starred in hits such as “Seven” by David Fincher (the role brought her, among other things, a short engagement with Brad Pitt), got into the lists of “hottest stars under 30”.

And in 1998, at 26, she won an Oscar for her lead role in Shakespeare in Love.

The actress's public appeal to the sphere of life style and cooking, which happened in the mid-2000s, was at first called unexpected. She still quite often gets for her advice from critics in the Internet space. Perhaps the reputation of a golden girl from a good, wealthy family affected - not everyone apprehends adequately when such people begin to teach others' lives.

Gwyneth Paltrow:



One of my hobbies, which the actress made public, became cooking. This love was instilled in her by her father, a great gourmet. Despite numerous rumors about her strict diets, the actress herself claims that she loves to eat and cook. “If only I saw how much food I cook, I’m a real Jewish mother.”

According to Gwyneth, she owes her figure not so much to diets as to hard training.

The program voiced by her somehow really inspires slight trepidation and more likely resembles the schedule of professional athletes. "I do 45 minutes of cardio five days a week, because I like to eat. I also aim at 45 minutes of training to strengthen the muscle structure of the body. If I’m getting ready for something or just eating a lot of pieces of cake, I train two hours a day six days - and so two weeks. " However, Paltrow has repeatedly emphasized: keeping fit is part of her job.

So with athletes she has not so little in common as you might think.

Seven pots with Paltrow are driven by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, whose clients include Madonna and Gisele Bundchen.By the way, it was Giselle who somehow named Gwyneth the owner of the body of her dreams.

In 2008, Paltrow appeared on the PBS documentary series Spain ..

. on the Road Again, dedicated to the culture and food of this country. Her partner on that trip, cook Mario Batali, speaks of the gastronomic talents of the actress: “Eating with someone who loves food is doubly fun. Eating with Gwyneth is even more.” And then Paltrow released several cookbooks.

"My father's daughter: delicious, simple recipes that embody family and togetherness" (My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness) is not only a collection of 150 recipes, but also a story about touching relationships with her father, the gastronomic philosophy of the actress and the reasons why she uses certain products or not. Among other things, there is a touching story about how 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio told young Gwyneth how animals are raised on farms - and thereby forever discouraged her from eating pork and beef.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

beliefnet. com

Another version of the same collection came out under the title “Notes from my kitchen table: delicious and simple recipes for a healthy and happy life” (Notes from my Kitchen Table).

For her 40th birthday, Paltrow has released yet another book based on her personal experience - “Solid Use: Delicious and Simple Recipes That Make You Look Good and Feel Great” (It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great).

Once, amid fatigue after a busy year, the actress began to have health problems: anemia, lack of vitamin D, too high stress levels, panic attacks, etc. Doctors recommended her to reconsider her diet and abandon a number of her favorite foods, and it would be good to forever. According to Gwyneth herself, this was a cruel test for a foodie like her. As a result, the actress came up with a compromise: most of the time she adheres to strict recommendations, but sometimes allows herself concessions and consumes her favorite foods and wines. She also began experimenting in the kitchen to come up with prescriptions that match the recommendations of doctors and at the same time, delicious.

Gwyneth promises that the food recipes from her book will suit most, regardless of the type of diet a person follows.

In the spring of 2015, the actress took part in a social initiative - a flash mob, designed to show how it feels to eat $ 29 per week (so much for families receiving subsidies under the federal support program). Gwyneth was enough for four days, after which she stopped the experiment, confirming: it is not easy to adhere to a healthy diet when you are very limited in funds. Paltrow spent her money on brown rice, beans, eggs, avocados, lettuce, tortillas, some vegetables and frozen peas.However, this diet was clearly not enough for a full diet for a week, and as a result, she felt eternally hungry.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

neuroticnewyorker-malepore. blogspot. com

In 2008, Gwyneth launched its main lifestyle project -


, an online platform about a healthy lifestyle. The appearance of the site coincided with the release of the actress from the second maternity leave and the release of the film "Lovers". However, Goop then discussed much more actively than the new role.

Despite the fact that the site and its content still receive completely opposite reviews, Goop has become a kind of model and set the trend for resources of this type with a mixed theme. Here, not only sports, fitness or cooking, but also psychology, cultural life and much more. A similar project was launched, for example, by Ivanka Trump, another celebrity who prefers to position herself as a working mother and woman, concerned about finding harmony in the life of her readers.

In its current version, Goop has sections Go (city guides, museums, restaurants, etc.), Be (career, relationships, parents and children, etc.

), Do (health and fitness ), See (books, movies, and other posters), Make (cooking and recipes), Get (fashion, design, etc.).

And although the resource is traditionally associated with the theme of detox, some sections may be interesting even to those who are not affected by the intricacies of dietetics or making smoothies.

"I think Goop is associated with detox because we are all interested in being healthy," said the actress. "It's not something fashionable and hipster.

We just live in a very toxic world."

The site also has an online store, which has repeatedly been criticized for its high prices. However, the actress herself once best responded to such claims. "I am who I am, and I can’t pretend to be who makes $ 25,000 a year." On the other hand, no one disputed her status as a style icon, although Gwyneth had never pretended to be a simple girl next door.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

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Among the latest Goop topics are "Where does the water come from in California?", "Are the signals from mobile and wifi networks harmful?" and the benefits of bone broth. Paltrow herself regularly speaks with small posts (such as reports on a detox program), signing them "With Love, GP."

Here are some of her favorite breakfast smoothie recipes for Goop along with nutritionist Frank Lipman.

  1. For chocolate lovers: raw crushed cocoa beans, frozen banana slices, coconut oil, honey, almond milk, avocado, protein, pieces of ice.

  2. "Pina Colada": slices of frozen pineapple, avocado, coconut oil, coconut, almond milk, protein, pieces of ice.
  3. " Mint Chocolate": protein, vanilla almond milk, a mixture of organic green fruits, vegetables and cereals, avocados, mint leaves, raw crushed cocoa beans, honey to taste.
  4. "Blueberries and avocados": blueberries, coconut water, plain water and unsweetened almond milk, half lime juice, avocados, honey to taste, protein, a mixture of green organic fruits and vegetables.

In this topic there are also pleasant surprises for mere mortals, for example, recipes for a hangover. Essentially the same detox.

You should not be surprised here. “This is one of those things that make life interesting - finding a compromise and balance between cigarettes and tofu,” Paltrow once allegorically described her creed.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

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  1. Forget forbidden products. More precisely, about the word "forbidden".

    The actress assures herself that she follows this rule. Because, firstly, he does not believe in such prohibitions. And secondly, she has children (who have their own culinary preferences), and she likes to cook for them and eat with them.

  2. We are all people . A reliable way to cope with a hangover, the actress considers a combination of contrasting water spa treatments, even if they are performed at home: for example, 20 minutes in a hot bath (as hot as you can stand) with salt and baking soda, then a minute under a cold shower, then back to bath until you warm yourself, then again for a minute under the shower.

    Another option: go eat fast food (many believe that in such circumstances it acts like a placebo).

  3. Live a full life. "I can’t call myself a fan of beauty problems," the actress admits. "I believe in sports, laughter, sex and being myself. And I'm not one of those who think: I’ll put it on my face a mask that she made on her own stove.


  4. A healthy lifestyle is not only a gym and a properly filled refrigerator. The actress assures that she began to properly care for the skin with cosmetics only after 39 years. "More to be in nature and sleep well enough has not hurt anyone." However, she recently launched a line of organic cosmetics.
  5. Ice is the head of everything.

    The best way to maintain a healthy complexion Gwyneth considers contrasting water procedures with improvised means. “First hot water and a washcloth. Then dip your face in a bowl of ice water. This will reduce swelling and increase blood circulation.”

  6. Life is in motion.

    "The main thing is to constantly move whenever possible," the actress gives such advice to those who do not have time for long trainings. "Even if you have little time. For example, take a walk after dinner. And you will feel the difference."

  7. Do not neglect breakfast.

    This means not only not to miss it, but to think twice what exactly you eat. Paltrow advises avoiding buns, muffins and other sausages."It's like pouring cheap, low-octane fuel into an expensive car with a powerful engine. Sooner or later, your body, just like that car, will start to junk and die out."

  8. Secret ingredient.

    It is no coincidence that Paltrow likes to add avocados to any smoothie. This makes it even more useful and gives the drink a pleasant creamy structure.



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