Grip Strength - Training, Effective and Useless Exercises

Grip strength characterizes each man during a handshake. A weak and soft palm leaves not the best impression. In addition, you need to have strong hands and fingers if you are seriously involved in sports, for example, working with weights or on the horizontal bar. Therefore, fellow athletes, let's train a strong grip!

Grip and big sport

Strong grip is the main characteristic of athletes who perform in this form of weightlifting, like armlifting. This is a professional sport that brings athletes worldwide fame, good prizes and, of course, a sense of pride in the result.

In general, there is something to think about - maybe you will be able to achieve great heights in this sport.

Grip Strength - Training, Effective and Useless Exercises

Armlifting is not as popular as football or tennis, but the army of thousands of fans is still exist.

Super grip is useful not only in itself. The developed musculature of the hands is of great importance in arm wrestling, weightlifting, bodybuilding, workout, the same tennis, hockey. In any sport where you need to hold significant weight with your hands - grip is of great importance.

Grip and ordinary life

A man’s meeting begins with a handshake. His strength is the calling card of a man. When you greet with a strong grip, it already makes another man understand - "strong."

This is the first reason why there should be a fortress in the palm of your hand.

Men regularly raise something - at work, at home, during a grocery trip.

When you didn’t have a car, you dragged packages (and earlier - nets) with food to the house. Remember how hard it was sometimes? How fingers unbend by themselves under the weight of the bag. Now most of you have cars. Maximum, you carry the same packages to the car. And then from the car to the house.

In "horseless" times, the grip was stronger, that's for sure.

Grip Strength - Training, Effective and Useless Exercises

But, for example, an emergency situation when you need to climb a couple of meters up, and this is a matter of life and death. Again, the strength of the hands will solve this situation in the direction you need.

And if your hands are weak, you can lose a lot. This happened during earthquakes, falls, landslides, and persecution.

A good example of this is the Climber movie, starring Sylvester Stallone.

And, of course, one cannot ignore the visual perception of the forearms. After all, training the hand implies the active work of these very muscles. Massive and powerful forearms immediately stress the question: is it worth it to talk casually or rudely with you.

A firm grip (or better yet, an ideal grip) is the key to confidence.

Its significance is great, as you have already noticed, not only in sports, but also in ordinary life.

Grip training principles

Grip training is the only way to strengthen the muscles of the hand. Without this, achieving extraordinary results is unrealistic. However, a certain role is played by a person’s genetic predisposition.

Not always the muscle mass of the athlete speaks of the strength of his grip.

It happens that the outcome of the competition decides the thickness of the tendons of the forearm, and not the volume of the muscles. Moreover, the girth of the biceps does not affect the compressive strength of the hand - the flexor of the shoulder is not involved in this movement.

So, the forearm has 19 different muscles. Only 4 of these 19 provide corners. The rest are responsible for flexion and extension.

https: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = B8C3CxRQxnQ

There are a number of exercises that are good only at the initial stage of training. With prolonged performance, they are able to maintain the current level of muscle development, but for further progress they will not be enough. We are talking about grip strength.

Vis on the horizontal bar

Permanent hanging on the horizontal bar strengthens the grip at the initial stage of training. When you can hang for about a minute, holding the crossbar with your hands, your progress will stop. Further, you can increase the time of the hang, but the strength will not grow. Each person has a different addictive time, someone will stop progressing after a 30-second hang.

Of course, such a vis is very useful in itself.

In particular, the longer you hang, the more the spine will stretch (this is often good than bad), and the endurance of the carpal muscles will noticeably grow. Strength is not, progress will stop over time.

One type manual expander

Very often, the lack of results from training with a manual expander is associated with an unchanging muscle load. There is training, but no progression - that is, you simply maintain a certain level of strength, but do not grow further. This is faced by quite a lot of people.

If you carry a bagel in your pocket and squeeze it all the time, up to a certain point your strength will increase, and then progress will stop, because the resistance of the simulator is constant.

The muscles require adaptive training: that is, as soon as the muscle has the opportunity to do a little more, you need to use this opportunity right away, forcing the muscles to make more significant efforts.

The exact same statement can be made for almost any exercise. The main thing is not to use one weight.

The key to success is a complex load

The development of grip strength is a versatile task.

You should do different exercises, gradually increasing the load.

Grip Strength - Training, Effective and Useless Exercises

Although, if you are satisfied with a slightly more powerful grip than that of your friends, a few round expanders are enough for you. Just remember to periodically give a heavier load to your carpal muscles.

In order to achieve the best results, in addition to the hands, you should train the rest of the body. This is a simple truth, not obvious to everyone.

Isolated training of just one grip will not give the desired result. The body must work harmoniously.

You can engage in any physical activity. You can swing in the gym, do your favorite sport, or exercise in the morning. If you want - just run, it will give you basic stamina.

Grip strength training will be more effective if all other muscles are developed.

In cardio, by the way, in addition to developing endurance, there is another side - improving blood circulation and saturating the body cells with nutrients and oxygen. Thanks to an accelerated metabolism, muscles will work better.


Not all athletes know how to increase their grip strength. And not always those who have an impressive figure can boast of success in this area.

So what to do, how to strengthen the brushes?

Change the expanders

First, go to the nearest sports store and find the “donut” there. Try to work with expanders of different resilience, determine which moderation is difficult for you to work with. Take 2 expanders at once - the one you liked and one more, a little heavier in compression.

Work with the lighter option first. Make sure you can do 50 squeezes with each hand.

Sometimes you can twist your fists while the expander is compressed - it will be more difficult. There is no need to keep your palm tight for a long time, a second is enough.

Note: when you work with a ring expander, the muscles of different fingers tighten in different ways. Try to make sure that all of them experience approximately the same amount of load.

When you can do 50 squeezes with each hand, move on to a heavier expander.

And so, as it progresses, you will need to buy a new one.

Once you have to abandon the "donut" and buy a V-shaped expander. He has more resistance and will become your next level simulator.
Additionally, you can practice push-ups on the fingers, rope lifts and other exercises.

We use extensors

In addition to the flexors of the brush, it will be useful to pay attention to the extensors.

Extension of the palm with effort does not have any practical application, but in general, complex muscle training will give a better effect.

The simplest thing is to put a strong elastic band over your closed fingers and spread them apart. You can invent some kind of your own way to load the palm during extension, then ingenuity and imagination are welcome.

We track the progress

If you want to track your progress, you will need a hand dynamometer. This is a device that allows you to see how much effort your brush develops during compression.

The numbers will be your guide.

We train our forearms

Make sure that you are tensing when your fist clenches. That's right, the inside of the forearm. Apparently, does this muscle also need to be pumped?

The bending of the hands with the barbell shakes it directly. Try it - you won’t regret it.

Do not forget about the progression of the scales (but not thoughtless, but in accordance with your capabilities).

In addition to such flexions, there are a lot of biceps exercises that actively engage the muscles of the forearms. In particular, these are hammers with dumbbells.

By the way, do not forget about the warm-up. The muscles of the hand are the same muscles as triceps, biceps.

You do not go to reap a lying barbell at once from the maximum weight, but approach this weight gradually.

Remember about nutrition

Muscles are composed of muscle and connective tissue. It is important that the tendon is firmly attached to the periosteum on one side, and to the muscle body on the other. To do this, you need to eat foods in which there is a lot of protein, vitamins necessary for the connecting fibers of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and 6).



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