Greenpeace opened a photo exhibition on forest fires

The exposition presents photographs taken during the fires of 2010-2019. At the


everyone can learn how to put out burning peat, where to call when a natural fire occurs and how to escape from the fire. Fire volunteers, journalists, representatives of Green8eace and Avialesokhrana will tell about this.

Guests will be able to find themselves in a peat fire in virtual reality and see the fire through the eyes of volunteers.

In the summer of this year, in different regions of Russia, fires


more than 13 million hectares of forest.

More than 4 million hectares of rainforests burned in Brazil, and 10 million hectares in Alaska. At the end of July, the Russian branch of Green23eace

created the

petition "Save Siberia from forest fires."

Entrance to the exhibition and attendance of lectures are possible after preliminary registration.



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