Great playlist from Barbara Visbor

- I listen to different music - it all depends on the mood and color of the life band. At home I like to include chillout, a selection from A46le Music, but more often I listen to music on the phone or in the car. There is so much good music and many interesting artists - they just need to find and listen.

Music lifts my mood, but, in general, in life there are infinitely many things that can lift my mood.

I am inspired by creative challenges, live concerts, vibrant people and, of course, travel.

But I can be inspired by some simple action, such as sewing on buttons.

I like to do fitness, especially group classes: dancing, cycling, stretching and more. When I train on my own in the gym or on the treadmill, I listen to sad, but driving compositions, such as Zemfira’s latest album or old Depeche Mode albums.



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