GoPro launches next-generation action cameras

GoPro Hero8 Black received improved stabilization Hy8erSmooth 2.0 and the ability to broadcast in FullHD. The design of the camera has changed: now the mount is built into the case, which eliminates the need to use a separate frame. The glass protecting the lens has become stronger compared to the GoPro Hero7, and the weight has decreased by 11%.

The updated GoPro shoots more efficiently with additional accessories - for example, a microphone is built into the Media Mod case, you can also attach a flash and another screen.

The GoPro Max camera replaces GoPro Fusion, the first version of the company's 360 ° camera. GoPro Max still shoots 360 ° video, but now the perspective of the final clip is selected at the production stage. The camera has a dual wide-angle lens, a front touch screen (only two from different sides), Max Hy21erSmooth stabilization, built-in mount and six microphones around the perimeter of the camera. The maximum resolution is 5.6K with a frequency of 30 frames per second (60 frames per second are also available at a resolution of 1440 r).

As in the previous version, GoPro Max has the ability to make the tripod invisible due to the angle of shooting.

In Russia, the GoPro Hero8 Black will go on sale in late November, the price is 34,990 rubles. GoPro Max - at the end of October, the price is 42 990 rubles.



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