“Good in bed”: how to determine that unforgettable sex awaits you

At the request of The Challenger, sex blogger Katya Sikret discussed whether it is possible to know in advance whether high-quality sex with a new passion is waiting for you or not.

You met a person. Date, walks, communication ...

Or maybe correspondence in Tinder? In any case, the question arises whether you like sex with him. The bad news: there is no way to completely predict that you and the new match will be cool in a horizontal position. The good news is that there are still signals that will help you with a high degree of probability to avoid failed sex.

“Good in bed”: how to determine that unforgettable sex awaits you

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So, the red light traffic light:

Negatively speaks on the subject of the opposite sex, proximity and relationship.

"All men need only sex," "now there are only prostitutes around," and stuff like that. Here too are those who seek only virgins. Also here are those who are immediately interested in your number of sexual partners. You can answer with a stone face: “a thousand, and you?”

He is captured by gender stereotypes. "A woman should sit at home and be a good housewife", "a real man pays for everything" - these are phrases - red cards.

If the role of a cook is prepared for you in a relationship, it is unlikely that anyone will be interested in your feelings of intimacy. If you are perceived as a purse with money, sex manipulations and consumer attitudes are not ruled out.

Cannot speak openly about sex. Faints if someone says the word "vagina" in the company, giggles nervously in response to a question about the condom. However, you can skip this point if your potential partner is a young college student.

“Good in bed”: how to determine that unforgettable sex awaits you

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Selects the wrong words. Surprisingly, the speech portrait of a person can say a lot about him. “Chicks” and “girls”, “make love” and “fuck”, “lovers” and “partners”, “vagina” and “pussy”. Watch his (her) speech and your feelings: doesn’t it bother you?

Not particularly interested in your opinion.

If a person talks only about himself and clearly demonstrates that he is much more interested in his person than yours, this is an occasion to think. Nobody likes egoists - neither in bed, nor in life.

Promises the best sex in the universe. It is often characteristic of young men. As a rule, the more big words, the less real reason for them.

If you are guaranteed a sky in diamonds, ask a simple question on female physiology. There is a chance that he will put the hero-lover at a standstill.

Too much concerned about appearance. A paradoxical observation from personal experience: people who focus on press cubes or makeup trends often turn out to be bad lovers. “Ideal” girls are often afraid to “drop their face” even during sex, and the guys on the cover are not really worried about someone else’s satisfaction.

Disclaimer: I do not want to say at all that this applies to everyone.

“Good in bed”: how to determine that unforgettable sex awaits you

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Okay, with red cards Before sex everything is clear. Nevertheless, I am tormented by the desire to deduce the formula of an ideal sex partner. Well, that is, when everything has already happened, about whom we sigh - "it was magical", but about whom we prefer not to remember.

For some, a beautiful lover means: "He knows how to please me with his tongue." For others - "we understand each other well in sex." And for someone, the number of sexual acts per night is important. We are all very different. Still, few people love:

Egoism .

It can manifest itself in different ways. A classic example - your sex ends with his orgasm. Another reason to be wary is a categorical refusal to give up poses and practices that are interesting to you but not interesting to the partner without giving reasons. It’s normal not to like the pose of a cowgirl and cunnilingus, it’s not normal to have sex just your way, not taking into account his (her) wishes. Do not like oral sex? Master manual techniques, go to a sex shop - now on the market there is an alternative to blowjob and cunnilingus.

You can always discuss and find common ground and options.

Gray. Nobody asks you to draw a clitoris diagram, but the partner must have some basic knowledge about the physiology of both sexes and contraception. Especially if he (she) is not already 18 years old. Roughly speaking, if the knowledge of your lover is limited to the idea "all the girls come from my dick," things are bad.

You can direct in the right direction, offering to read modern books about physiology and sexuality. This recommendation, by the way, concerns not only guys who do not know how to find the clitoris, but also girls who are afraid to look between their legs.

hypocrisy. If you hear statements in the style of “blowjob is dirty and unworthy”, “real men will never use their tongue THERE”, “vibrators are only needed for those who don’t have a guy” - run. This is an unhealthy attitude towards sex, indicating complexes, brainwashed or problems with self-esteem.

And sometimes - about everything together. Such partners will forever condemn you, and not only in sex.

“Good in bed”: how to determine that unforgettable sex awaits you

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Carelessness in matters of contraception, hygiene and comfort. Here, probably, you can not comment.

Negative reaction to failure. Pressure is here too. Here too are attempts to manipulate sex.

Tightness and self-dislike. Unfortunately, a very common phenomenon, especially in Russian society.

Often this is treated when a person enters into a relationship in which there is love and trust.

Sluggishness, non-involvement. The partner performs the usual actions, but does not put his soul into the process at all. From time to time, this happens to each of us, but if this is constant sexual behavior, there is reason to think.

Unwillingness to try something new.

And also to discuss and improve. I do not ask to run away to buy a strapon as soon as your girlfriend has such an idea, but you need to understand that sex, like other areas of life, loves development. Monotony can kill the coolest link.

Bad technique. Alas.

Conversations are conversations, but some are corny not able to use their body.

“Good in bed”: how to determine that unforgettable sex awaits you

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Using the reverse principle, we find out that the ideal sexual partner takes care not only of his own, but also of your pleasure, is open and ready discuss, relaxed and knows the materiel, cares about contraception and hygiene, is involved in the process and owns the technique.

And now the bad news: all this may turn out to be absolutely unimportant if the physics didn’t work out, the chemistry did not boil, and the addictions dispersed like ships at sea.

So the ideal partner is, first of all, the one with whom you sparkle.

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